Associate Professor of Linguistics

Maeve Eberhardt is an Assistant Professor of Linguistics. She has been at UVM since 2008. Her research focuses on the linguistic construction and projection of identities surrounding race, gender, and sexuality, as well as on the appropriation of African American English. Recent courses include African American English, Sociolinguistics, Language & Ethnicity, and Analyzing Gender & Sexuality in Discourse. She also directs the undergraduate TESOL Certificate program.


Selected Publications:
Casey, Christina Schoux & Maeve Eberhardt. (forthcoming). "She don't need no help": Deconsolidating gender, sex, and sexuality in New Orleans bounce music. Gender and Language.
Eberhardt, Maeve (forthcoming). Gendered representations through speech: The case of the Harry Potter series. Language and Literature. 
Eberhardt, Maeve (2016). Subjects and objects: Linguistic performances of sexuality in the lyrics of Black female hip-hop artists. Gender & Language, 10, 1, 21-47.
Eberhardt, Maeve & Kara Freeman (2015). “First things first I’m the realest”: Linguistic appropriation, white privilege, and the hip hop persona of Iggy Azalea. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 19, 3, 303-327.
Eberhardt, Maeve & Corinne Downs (2015). “(r) you saying yes to the dress?” Rhoticity on a bridal reality television show. Journal of English Linguistics, 42, 2, 118-142.
Eberhardt, Maeve (2012). Enregisterment of Pittsburghese and the local African American community. Language & Communication, 32, 4, 358-371.
Eberhardt, Maeve (2009). The sociolinguistics of ethnicity in Pittsburgh. Language and Linguistics Compass, 3, 1-12.
Eberhardt, Maeve (2008). The low-back merger in the Steel City: African American English and Pittsburgh speech. American Speech, 83, 3, 284-311.

Johnstone, Barbara, Daniel Baumgardt, Maeve Eberhardt, & Scott Kiesling. (2015). Pittsburgh Speech and Pittsburghese. DeGruyter Dialects of English Series.

Maeve has also published a series of books for ESL Writers with University of Michigan Press with Lionel Menasche, Janine Carlock, Jamie Horst, and Peter Kolenich, including:

The International Student's Guide to Writing a Research Paper (2017)

The ESL Writer's Handbook (2010)

Associations and Affiliations

Linguistic Society of America
American Dialect Society
American Anthropological Association
Professor Maeve Eberhardt

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Language and ethnicity; Language, gender and sexuality; Intraspeaker Variation; TESOL


  • Ph.D. Linguistics, The University of Pittsburgh


  • (802) 656-0791
Office Location:

510 Waterman

Office Hours:

Spring 2019: M 1-3

Courses Taught

  • LING 080: Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 095: Introductory Special Topics: D1: Linguistic Diversity in the U.S.
  • LING 135: D1: Language and Ethnicity
  • LING 169: Phonology and Morphology
  • LING 176: African American English
  • LING 178: Sociolinguistics
  • LING 196: Intermediate Special Topics: Phonology/Morphology
  • LING 196: Intermediate Special Topics: Sociolinguistics
  • CMSI 080: Introduction to Linguistics
  • CMSI 095: Introductory Special Topics: D1: African American English
  • CMSI 195: Intermediate Special Topics: D1: African American Language and Culture
  • CMSI 195: Intermediate Special Topics: D1: Language and Ethnicity
  • CMSI 195: Intermediate Special Topics: Language, Gender and Sexuality
  • CSD 080: Introduction to Linguistics
  • ENGS 096: English for USPP Students
  • GSWS 296: Advanced Special Topics: Analyzing Gender and Sexuality in Discourse
  • HCOL 086: Honors College First Year Seminar: D1: Ethnolinguistic Identities
  • HCOL 096: Honors College First Year Seminar: The Pursuit of Knowledge