Lecturer emerita of Italian

Maria Patrizia Jamieson was born and raised in Italy. She received her Teaching Diploma in Elementary Education from the Istituto Magistrale Paolo Emilio Imbriani in Avellino, Italy and has been teaching courses of Elementary Italian at UVM since 1988.
In her classes, Patrizia uses enthusiasm and humor to teach grammar and the structure of the language along with contemporary Italian culture, and provides her students all important aspects of learning a new language.


Area of expertise:

Language acquisition
Professor Patrizia Jamieson

Areas of Expertise and/or Research


  • Elementary Education, Istituto Magistrale Paolo Emilio Imbriani, Avellino, Italy


Courses Taught

  • ITAL 001: Elementary I
  • ITAL 002: Elementary II
  • ITAL 051: Intermediate I
  • ITAL 052: Intermediate II