Lecturer of Spanish

Adriana Sanchez-Gutierrez received her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Montreal, Canada in 2017. Before coming to the University of Vermont, she taught Spanish at Purdue University FW and at the University of Montreal. She is the author of Teatralidades del conflicto armado en Colombia. Dramaturgia de las víctimas (Peter Lang, 2019). In her book, Dr. Sanchez-Gutierrez analyses the new aesthetics surrounding the post conflict times in Colombia, focusing on the sociopolitical meaning presented in the scene and on how the victims have empowered the process of a collective creation.  Her current research is focused on Latin American oralitores, whose production she analyzes in search of the decolonial voices of indigenous poets. Her papers have been published in different peer-reviewed Hispanic journals.

Dr. Sanchez-Gutierrez has been engaged in different service learning projects since 2016, where she provides linguistics services to minorities. This includes Spanish radio, translation and interpretation services at Community Schools, Public Museums, and Medical and Legal communications.


headshot of Adriana smiling for the camera with a stone wall in the background


Office Hours:

Fall 2022: MWR 4:00-5:00