The Hispanic Forum

​Every autumn since 1994, the Department of Romance Languages and Cultures has been proud to host a celebration and discussion of Hispanic culture and history. Currently organized by Profs. Juan Maura and Tina Escaja, the Hispanic Forum brings together esteemed guests from UVM and beyond for lectures, poetry readings, and musical performances (sometimes all at the same time!) Below you can browse the history of the Forum since its inception and learn about this year's topic. We hope to see you there!

The 25th Annual Hispanic Forum

This year's Forum is titled "Before Jamestown: Spanish, French, and Portuguese Settlements in North America" and will explore the lasting impact early explorers and settlers from Continental Europe had on America. The Forum will conclude with a screening of the documentary film America's Untold Story: The First Permanent European Settlement. For those interested in attending, the Forum will open at 10:00am on Thursday, October 11th, and will close at 5:00pm the same day. For further information, please consult the PDF iconbrochure (PDF) and PDF iconposter.

The 24th Hispanic Forum

The 24th Hispanic Forum commemorated the 525th anniversary of the arrival of Hispanic culture to the Americas, with particular attention paid to the status of Latinos and the Spanish language in Vermont. The Forum concluded with a Jazz Poetry performance by Tina Escaja and the Ray Vega Latin Jazz Quintento.  For further information, please consult the PDF iconbrochure, PDF iconposter, or the PDF iconJazz Poetry flyer.

The 23rd Hispanic Forum

The 23rd Hispanic Forum took place in October of 2016 on the theme "Hispanic Culture at UVM in the 400th Anniversary of Cervantes' Death". More information can be found in the PDF iconbrochure and on the PDF iconposter.