I want to enroll in a class, but it's full. What should I do?

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To get on the waitlist for a course, email the department's main office and plan to attend the first day of class. You can also continue to check the registrar's page throughout the add/drop period.

What are some other resources on campus I can use to improve my language skills?

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Do I need to take the language placement test before I can sign up for my first French / Italian / Spanish class at UVM, even if I have never taken the language before?


Even if you have never taken French or Spanish before you need to take the test so that the system can place you into the beginner (001) level. There is no placement test for Italian. Visit our Foreign Language Placement page for more information about the test and placement. 

I am returning from studying abroad and want credit for the courses I took. What do I need to do now?

Welcome back! If you are returning from abroad and need to have your materials reviewed so that your credits can be transferred:
  • Assemble your course materials so that one can easily understand which course materials relate to which course.  Do not hesitate to add notes of explanation if necessary.
  • Get the "blue form" from Transfer Affairs (Registrar's Office, 360 Waterman). 
  • Deliver the course materials to our main office (Romance Languages and Cultures, 517 Waterman) or to the mailbox of the professor who evaluates transfer credit for your particular language (see below). The professor will get in touch with you if they have questions about your materials. These reviews are generally routine procedures that do not require a face-to-face meeting.
FrenchProfessor Gretchen van Slyke
ItalianProfessor Cristina Mazzoni
Spanish (Latin America)Professor Yolanda Flores
Spanish (Spain)Professor Juan Maura






Can I double major?

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Yes! In fact, many students choose to do so. Our majors pair very well with a wide variety of other fields and our major requirements have enough flexibility built in to accommodate a second major. Explore our programs to see how well they pair with other majors... and with each other!

Do I need two advisors if I am pursuing two majors? Do I need a minor advisor?

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All UVM students should have an academic advisor in their major, but you can request a secondary advisor in your minor (or second major). If you are majoring or minoring in one of our programs and need an assigned advisor, contact the College of Arts and Sciences Student Services Office to be assigned an academic advisor in that program.
Read more about our faculty advisors and how they can help you.

What are the courses in the department like?

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Our curriculum covers the full extent of the areas of the world where our languages are spoken - from European countries such as France, Spain and Italy to places like Québec, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. We offer a full range of language, literature, and culture classes. In a major or minor in one of the Romance languages, you'll have advanced courses in literature and culture as well as in the language. All courses are conducted in the language you are studying.

Have the Spanish major/minor requirements changed recently?

Yes, the Spanish curriculum was recently revised. Beginning in Fall 2016, incoming first-year students and new Spanish majors/minors will follow the new, current requirements, which can be found in the UVM catalog as well as on our Spanish program page
Students who declared a Spanish major/minor prior to Fall 2016 will follow the former requirements which can be located in the links below as well as on our Spanish program page. Please contact your advisor with any questions.

Can I count online courses towards my major or minor?

The department encourages in-person formats for courses that count toward our majors because interpersonal communication is essential for what we do; in-person courses are thus the norm.

If there is a case where a student, due to extraordinary circumstances, is unable to complete a course for the major or minor in that format, the student may request the approval of a professor to enroll in a class offered at UVM and then arrange to “meet” with the professor via internet chat to discuss the material assigned for each week.  This option is dependent on the approval of the professor and must be discussed with the professor and approved well in advance of the start of the term. 

Students in extraordinary circumstances may also petition the department to count one 3-credit online course toward the major or minor, along with an explanation and justification. Faculty will review the petition and communicate a decision about whether the circumstance merits an exception.

For purposes of transfer review, upon completion of the course, students should submit a syllabus and relevant course work along with an indication that the course was offered in an online format.  The transfer credit will be evaluated, as all transfer credits are, by the department's transfer advisors and a decision communicated to the student.

Can I study abroad?


Absolutely! We encourage it and do our best to facilitate it. You'll work with a study abroad advisor from the Office of International Education and a professor from our department to choose the kind of program that's best for you and to arrange transfer of credits back to UVM. You can find more information on our Student Opportunities and Resources page.

What can I do with a degree in French / Italian / Spanish? Why should I study a foreign language?

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You can do so many things with a foreign language degree! Check out career ideas on each of our department program pages, read about some of our alumni's post-graduation careers and graduate studies, or find out what some of our Elementary II students had to say about the benefits of learning a foreign language. Because of the broad interdisciplinary focus of the College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate program, language majors are equipped with a broad range of transferable skills that enable them to succeed in any profession.

What if I still have a question?

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 Please contact us and we can help!