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Do I need to take the Foreign Language Placement Test?

For French or Spanish:

Yes - before you enroll in your first language class at UVM you need to take the online test (even if you haven't studied the language) and enroll in the course level recommended. The test must be taken within 3 months of enrolling in your first language course at UVM. The placement test determines the appropriate language level for incoming students, since everyone comes from different high schools with different curricula.

This placement test is the most widely used in the country and typically provides accurate placement. However, if you believe you were placed at the wrong level, email us at You may also talk with the professor; if they believe you should be placed at a different level, they can authorize a level change.

If you enroll in a class without taking the test, or enroll in a class below the recommended level, the system will disenroll you from the course (you will receive an email notification).

For Italian:

No - most students who begin their study of Italian with us don’t have prior experience and start at the Elementary (001) level. If you are a new student and already speak Italian, please meet with one of our professors or contact us so we may help you choose the right course for you.

Placement Test Instructions and Link

All students enrolling in French or Spanish for the first time at UVM must take the placement test within 90 days of class registration.

The test will take approximately 20-30 minutes. You should not use any reference materials in order for the test to score you accurately.

We recommend entering your 95 number (your student ID number) in addition to your full name so that the system is sure to link your results to your student record.

At the end of the test, you will receive your score and level recommendation - you should make note of these, as they are not emailed or otherwise sent to you. This information is also recorded by the UVM course registration system which will cross-check your class registration.

If you were interrupted while taking the test and didn’t finish, log in to the exam again, fill in the top part as you did when you first took the exam, and press the resume button. This should work as long as one question was answered.

If you need to see your results again, you can log in to the exam again, fill in the top part as you did when you first took the exam, and then press the resume button.


Placement Test Link:

Password: catamounts1

Placement Test Scores and Levels

score recommended level
< 226 French or Spanish 001
226 - 300 French or Spanish 002
301 - 370 French or Spanish 051
371 - 440 French or Spanish 052
440 < French or Spanish 100-level

Students scoring above 440 and considering a major or minor in the language are recommended to enroll in 101. Other options are 107 and 109. Students with superior preparation may qualify for higher level courses with instructor permission.

Placement Test FAQ

"Why have I been disenrolled from my class?" There are several reasons why you might have been disenrolled:

You enrolled in a course below the level into which you tested. You can register for a course at the correct level, or contact us with your 95 number and we can help.

You did not fully complete and/or submit your placement test, or you did not take the appropriate test. You can log in to the exam again, fill in the top part as you did when you first took the exam, and then press the resume button. (This process also works if the exam is interrupted, as long as at least one question was answered). Then finish the exam and/or submit it, and register for a course at the correct level. 

You did not enter your 95 number correctly OR the name you entered does not match how you are listed in the registration system, so the computer can’t match your score with your name in the system. If you took the appropriate test and submitted it, but can’t access your results to verify your placement because of a discrepancy, contact us (be sure to provide your 95 number) and we can help. 

You have not taken the necessary prerequisite course(s). Check your CATS report in myUVM or speak with your advisor if you have questions about prerequisite courses. 

What if I don’t believe the test score placed me at the right level? If you don’t think that the placement test accurately reflects your language ability, please contact us and we can help.

What if I want to enroll in a different level course than where I was placed? Depending on your test score, this may not be possible. We may recommend that you speak with an instructor to determine the best option for you. Contact us and we can help.