Romance Languages & Linguistics Faculty 2016

Our faculty of publicly recognized teachers and scholars are highly knowledgeable, dedicated to their students, and active participants in the UVM community. In addition to the courses we teach in our own department, many of us also collaborate with UVM's other academic programs which overlap our areas of specialization, including Global & Regional Studies; Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies; and World Literature.
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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all faculty office hours are held virtually unless otherwise noted.

French Faculty

Joseph AcquistoProfessor of French and Department
Adriana BorraSenior Lecturer of French &
Suzanne DroletSenior Lecturer of
Meaghan EmeryAssociate Professor of
Marielle Macias AunaveSenior Lecturer of
Charles-Louis Morand MétivierAssociate Professor of
Ching SelaoAssociate Professor of
Gretchen van SlykeProfessor of


Italian Faculty

Adriana BorraSenior Lecturer of French &
Antonello BorraProfessor of
M. Patrizia JamiesonLecturer of
Cristina MazzoniWolfgang and Barbara Mieder Green and Gold Professor of
Paolo PucciAssociate Professor of


Spanish Faculty

Deborah CafieroSenior Lecturer of
Lourdes de DiosSenior Lecturer of
McKew DevittSenior Lecturer of
Ernesto EbrattSenior Lecturer of
Tina EscajaUniversity Distinguished Professor of
Yolanda FloresAssociate Professor of
Ignacio López-VicuñaAssociate Professor of
Juan MauraProfessor of
Rachael MontesanoSenior Lecturer of
Gayle NunleyAssociate Professor of
Abigail SperryLecturer of
David H. Uzzell, Jr.Senior Lecturer of
John WaldronAssociate Professor of
Maria WoolsonLecturer of


Administrative Staff

Joseph AcquistoProfessor of French and Department
Rubin GoldbergAdministrative
Tilza BuschnerDepartment Administrative


Faculty Emeriti

Catherine ConnorProfessor Emeritus of
Grant CrichfieldProfessor Emeritus of
Janet WhatleyProfessor Emeritus of