PSYS 191/198 Undergraduate Teaching/Research Application Instructions


Our department offers an opportunity to serve as an undergraduate teaching assistant for credit (PSYS 191) or as an undergraduate research assistant for credit (PSYS 198). In either case, you must have a faculty sponsor.  Together with your faculty sponsor, you complete and submit the following form in order to get an override:

An undergraduate teaching assistant position would typically be for a PSYS course you've done well in. Some faculty regularly use undergraduate teaching assistants and, if you're interested in pursuing this opportunity, you should contact the faculty member teaching the course.

An undergraduate research assistant position is arranged with a research-active faculty member. You can inquire about opportunities directly with our research-active faculty.  A list of these faculty can be found on this page. Faculty members who are research-active are listed as "professor".

If you have general questions about PSYS 191 (Teaching Assistantship) or PSYS 198 (Research Assistantship), please contact (email link)