Assistant Professor of Psychology, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (Behavioral Pharmacology)

Research and/or Creative Works

My research interests are two-fold. I have conducted research focused on the development and evaluation of novel treatments for opioid misuse and use disorder. Most recently, this has included work on two randomized clinical trials evaluating a novel interim buprenorphine treatment for reducing illicit opioid use and other high-risk behaviors among adults with untreated opioid use disorder. I also have a research interest focused on the delivery and evaluation of cognitive-behavioral treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder in individuals with concurrent substance use disorders. I am currently preparing to integrate these two areas of research as I direct a study investigating the contribution of prolonged exposure therapy, an efficacious manualized cognitive-behavioral treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder, above and beyond opioid agonist treatment alone for reducing posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms among patients with concurrent posttraumatic stress disorder and opioid use disorder.


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• Peck, K.R., Schumacher, J.A., Stasiewicz, P.R. & Coffey S.F. (2018). Treatment-seeking adults with comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder, alcohol use disorder, and opioid use disorder: The effectiveness of modified prolonged exposure. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 31(3), 373-382.

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• Hollingsworth, D.W., Gauthier, J., McGuire, A.P., Peck, K.R., Hahn, K., & Conolly, K. (2018). Intolerance of uncertainty mediates symptoms of PTSD and depression in African American Veterans. Journal of Black Psychology, 44(7), 667-688. 

• Peck, K. R., Ehrentraut, J. H., & Anghelescu, D. L. (2016). Risk factors for opioid misuse in adolescents and young adults with focus on oncology setting. Journal of Opioid Management, 12, 205-216. doi: 10.5055/jom.2016.0333.

Associations and Affiliations

Faculty, Vermont Center on Behavior and Health


  • B.A. University of Memphis, 2010
  • Ph.D. University of Mississippi, 2017


  • 802-656-9610
Office Location:

UHC-SATC Room 1407