Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Vermont Psychological Services

Research and/or Creative Works

A large component of my clinical work focuses on the treatment of children and adolescents. I am particularly interested in the treatment of anxiety/stress and depression, and therefore work with many children and adolescents who have experienced trauma or stressors. The other side of my clinical work involves conducting evaluations. As a district psychologist in a local school district, I conduct evaluations to aid in determining students' eligibility to receive special education services, and consult with teachers and parents. Finally, at the BTPC I conduct forensic evaluations, and am especially interested in those involving children and adolescents. For example, I conduct adolescent sex offender evaluations, evaluations of children suspected of being sexually abused, and evaluations of parental competence.

Associations and Affiliations

Associate Director, Clinical Psychology Internship Program

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  • B.A. Boston College, 1986
  • M.A. St. Michael's College, 1995
  • Ph.D. University of Vermont, 1998


  • 802-656-2661
Office Location:

136 Dewey Hall