Professor of Psychology Emeritus



  • B.S. Millsaps College, 1971
  • M.D. University of Mississippi Medical School, 1975

Curriculum vitae

PDF icon John Hughes CV.pdf

Research and/or Creative Works

Clinical, laboratory and epidemiological studies on tobacco cessation, on marijuana cessation, natural history of smoking cessation and addiction potential of electronic cigarettes. I have two NIH grants to study:

  • what daily events prompt cigarette smokers to decide to quit
  • what methods daily marijuana users employ when they try to quit and how helpful are they
  • whether stopping smoking makes smokers anhedonic; i.e. they enjoy pleasures less
  • whether continuing medication after a smoker relapses helps them re-establish abstinence
  • whether reducing smoking increases or decreases motivation to quit smoking

Awards and Recognition

  • Ove Ferno Award and Alton Ochsner Award for nicotine research
  • ATTUD Excellence in Tobacco Treatment, Training and Advocacy Award
  • Past Chair of the Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board
  • Founder of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
  • Over 450 publications on nicotine and other drug dependencies
  • One of the world’s most cited tobacco scientist. 


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  • *Hughes, JR, Callas, PW, Priest, JS, Etter, JF, Budney, AJ, Sigmon, SC. (2017) Development of a self-report measure of reward sensitivity: A test in current and former smokers.  Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 19: 723-728.
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