What we are doing to protect our participants and staff from COVID-19 exposure:

  • We will remotely perform all study procedures that can be performed remotely. This includes consenting participants, initial diagnostic interviews, symptom monitoring interviews, group cognitive-behavioral therapy, and light therapy orientations.
  • For biomarker assessments, which must be done in the lab, participants will wear face coverings and staff will wearing N95 masks. We will follow strict hand washing protocols and disinfect all surfaces before and after each participant.
  • We will screen participants for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure prior to in-lab biomarker visits.
  • We will schedule in advance to limit the number of participant-participant, participant-staff, and staff-staff interactions. One participant will be allowed in the lab at a time, with no overlapping appointments, and at least 30 minutes between appointments.
  • All study personnel meetings will be held remotely