Mahafuza Aktar - Class of 2020

Mentor: Sayamwong Hammack

Subprogram: Biobehavioral

Areas: My research focuses on the effects of chronic stress and the mechanism how chronic stress might produce anxiety like behavior, using transgenic mouse model. I am also interested in the neuropeptide called the pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and its effects on anxiety like behavior.

Samantha Moriarty - Class of 2020

Mentor: Sayamwong Hammack

Subprogram: Biobehavioral

Areas: My areas of interest include stress and anxiety and their effects on the brain, as well as the role of stress in reinstating behaviors related to addiction.

Carolyn Evemy - Class of 2019

Carolyn Evemy

Mentor:  Stephen Higgins

Subprogram: Human Behavioral Pharmacology

Areas: My primary research interests are substance use disorders in vulnerable populations. Currently, our research focuses on the effectiveness and practicability of financial incentives to promote smoking cessation in pregnant women.


William Middleton - Class of 2019

William Middleton

Mentor:  Diann E. Gaalema

Subprogram: Human Behavioral Pharmacology

Areas: I am interested in the intersection between physical fitness and psychology. Factors I'd like to explore include coping mechanisms, motivation, and body image.


Matthew Broomer - Class of 2018

Matthew Broomer

Mentor:  Mark Bouton

Subprogram:  Biobehavioral 

Areas:  I am primarily interested in the biobehavioral mechanisms that generate, maintain, and extinguish habitual behavior. My research applies the sensory-specific satiety method of outcome devaluation to operant behavior as a means of both characterizing the effect of novel stimulus presentation on habit, as well as identifying underlying neural circuitry. I am also interested in the neurobiology of stress and its interaction with the neurovasculature. 

Roxanne Harfmann- Class of 2018

Roxanne Harfmann

Mentor:  Sarah Heil

Subprogram:  Human Behavioral Pharmacology

Areas:  I am interested in substance use disorders and women’s health. My current focus is on the use and effects of cigarettes with varying nicotine content in pregnant and reproductive-aged women. 

Noelle Michaud - Class of 2018

Noelle Michaud

Mentor:  Mark Bouton

Subprogram:  Biobehavioral

Areas: My research primarily focuses on animal models of behavior and learning, using Pavlovian/operant techniques, as well as a neurobiological approach, in order to translate findings into aspects of human behavior. My background was mainly concerned with rodent models of nicotine addiction behavior, but I am interested in all behavioral aspects of clinical issues as well as the brain mechanisms behind them.

Young Chin Park - Class of 2016

Mentor: Elizabeth Pinel

Subprogram: Social

Areas: I am interested in I-sharing, existential isolation, and terror management theory. I am particularly interested in the roles of mediation and receptive awareness in reducing self-defensiveness and increasing I-sharing experience.

Michael Steinfeld - Class of 2016

Mentor: Mark Bouton

Subprogram: Biobehavioral

Areas: Broadly, my research interests involve learning theory and its implications. This includes classical and operant conditioning, their associated properties, and how they can be applied in clinical interventions. I also have a strong interest in the neurobiology of learning and memory.

Hannah Schoenberg - Class of 2015

Mentor: Donna Toufexis

Subprogram: Biobehavioral

Areas: I am interested in sex difference in addiction behavior. In particular, I'm interested in the the role of estrogen in the transition from goal-directed behavior to habit as mediated by its interactions with dopamine in the striatum.