A Psychological Science faculty member must be identified as the research mentor and a letter of commitment from this research mentor provided.  A major or its equivalent in undergraduate psychology is recommended, with a recommended minimum overall GPA of 3.1 and a GPA of 3.3 in the major. Applicants to the concentration in General/Experimental Psychology should have coursework in experimental psychology, and applicants to the concentration in Clinical Psychology should have completed abnormal psychology. The Graduate Record Examination is not required. A letter of commitment is required from the prospective faculty mentor and completion of 3 or more undergraduate research credits with the prospective mentor prior to admission. While students are in the undergraduate phase of their AMP, the graduate curriculum is listed as a secondary curriculum in their student record. After graduation with the BA or BS degree, the Master’s curriculum becomes the primary curriculum. No more than 9 credits of graduate coursework taken prior to completion of the Bachelor’s will count towards the graduate degree. No exceptions are made.

Students must apply for and be accepted to the AMP through the standard Graduate College application process. Normally, the application and admission process must be finalized prior to the beginning of the senior year. In all cases, students must be admitted by the Graduate College before taking any courses that will apply to the master’s degree, i.e., all courses used for the master’s degree must be taken after formal admission to the AMP. AMP students may not receive fellowship or assistantship funding prior to completion of the bachelor’s degree and, normally, AMP students are not funded following completion of the bachelor's as the intent is for them to be fully engaged in their studies and complete the master’s one year beyond the bachelor’s degree.

With the online application program administered by the Graduate College, you set up an application account complete with a username and password of your choosing. Then you can complete the application over several sessions and check on the status of your supporting documentation at any time. Once the application is complete, it is sent to the Department of Psychological Science for consideration.

The Department of Psychological Science is committed to diversity among the student body in terms of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, native language, national origin, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and social economic status. Prospective applicants who will enhance the diversity of our student body, including those from under-represented racial or ethnic groups and first-generation college students, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Deadline for Applying

  • April 1

Materials to Submit

Online Application: The Application, and the Application Fee are all included in the Online Application

GRE Scores: Not required.

Transcripts: UVM students must request the Registrar to send their transcripts to the Graduate College Admissions Office. Unofficial transcripts uploaded by you are sufficient for the review process. However, acceptance into the program is contingent on the receipt of official transcripts.

Letters of Recommendation: A letter of commitment is required from the prospective faculty mentor and completion of 3 or more undergraduate research credits with the prospective mentor prior to admission.

How to Apply

Application fee

The nonrefundable application fee is $65 US. Applications are not processed until the application fee is received.

Importance of Timely Submission

We do not normally review applications that do not contain all the information required and so it is advisable to submit all your materials on time.

International Students

If you are an international student (not a U.S. resident or resident-alien) make sure you visit the Office of International Education for VISA requirements. This VISA process can take many months to complete, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of lead time when applying. Documents not issued in English must be accompanied by a notarized English translation.


For questions regarding the application process, contact the Graduate.Admissions@uvm.edu or by phone at 802-656-2699. For questions regarding requirements of the Psychological Science Department, please email Psychology@uvm.edu or call 802-656-2670. (Preferred method is via e-mail.)