CourseInstructorCourse Title
ASTR 005John PerryExploring the Cosmos
ASTR 023John PerryAstr Lab I:Measuring the Sky
ASTR 153John PerryMoons and Planets
PHYS 009Malcolm SandersEnergy and the Environment
PHYS 012Jason PepeElementary Physics
PHYS 013Jason PepeConceptual Physics
PHYS 022Jason PepeIntroductory Lab II
PHYS 030Malcolm SandersPhysics Problem Solving I
PHYS 031AMalcolm SandersPhysics for Engineers I
PHYS 031CMatthew WhitePhysics for Engineers I
PHYS 096Juan Vanegas*Extraterrestrial Life
PHYS 152Dennis CloughertyFundamentals of Physics II
PHYS 202Randall HeadrickExpermintal Physics II
PHYS 211Malcolm SandersClassical Mechanics
PHYS 222Juan VanegasBiologicala Physics
PHYS 274Valeri KotovApplications of Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 305Dennis CloughertyTeaching of College Physics
PHYS 323Madalina FurisPhysical Optics
PHYS 341Valeri KotovSolid State Physics

*course taught with Ashooh; Pedrial; and Alexander