TA office hours are held in the Discovery Hall 4th floor atrium (the large table outside of W403).
Any student can attend the office hours of any of these TAs.

Physics Help Sessions for Fall 2021

Location: Discovery Hall, W403



1:00Ben Howe Alina KarkiXiaohi Zhang
Jeffrey Ulbrandt
Subhadra Thapa
Libin Liang
1:30(1:00-2:00) (1:00-2:00)(1:00-2:00)(1:00-2:00)
2:00  Saheed Ajibade  
2:30  (2:00-3:00)  
3:00Thomas ClearyEdward Abua   
3:30(3:00-4:00)(3:00-4:00)  Sanish Paramadam
4:00Khadga Thakuri Kenneth Sheperd Ekraj Dahal(3:30-4:30)
4:30(4:00-5:00) (4:00-5:00)(4:00-5:00)