2018 Summer Course Syllabi
Course Title Instructor
ASTR 005 Exploring the Cosmos (PDF) Perry
ASTR 023 Astr Lab I: Measuring the Sky (PDF) Donforth
PHYS 011 Elementary Physics I (PDF) Barghathi
PHYS 012 Elementary Physics II (PDF) Sengupta
PHYS 021 Introductory Lab I (PDF) Donforth
PHYS 022 Introductory Lab II (PDF) Donforth
PHYS 030 Physics Problem Solving I Pepe
PHYS 031 Physics for Engineers I Pepe
PHYS 096 Physics Preparatory Donforth
PHYS 123 Physics Problem Solving II Pepe
PHYS 125 Physics for Engineers II Pepe
PHYS 391 Master's Thesis Research Del Maestro