The College of Arts and Sciences and Continuing and Distance Education at UVM have combined efforts to launch a new Online Degree Completion program. Starting this fall, students will have access to a 60-credit online degree program that provides a flexible, affordable and convenient pathway to a B.A. with a major in anthropology and a minor in English or writing. 

“We decided to start this online degree completion program for a few reasons,” said Bill Falls, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, “one of which is to provide access to students throughout the region who have some fraction of a bachelor’s degree and for whatever reason, have not been able to complete their degree. So, providing a degree completion program gives those students access to this flagship institution and our outstanding faculty.”

The program allows students who have some college credits to finish their bachelor’s degree outside the traditional four-year undergraduate model, providing opportunities for career advancement while balancing demands of education, work, and family.

The fully online program provides 60 credits toward the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology major requirements paired with the minor requirements in English or writing. 

The program is designed for: 

  • Students who were previously undergraduates at UVM
  • Professionals with an associate degree
  • Professionals with some Baccalaureate level college experience
  • Veterans or active military
  • Community college students seeking a Bachelor’s degree

In a recent blog post, Anthropology Department Chair Emily Manetta discusses how skills students develop in the anthropology program are in demand by employers in all fields.

“The skills that anthropologists learn—like critical thinking, creativity, and strong written and oral expression—are essential to the overall success of any enterprise,” she says. “Anthropologists and social scientists in related disciplines learn how to gather relevant data, interpret it in useful ways, and articulate the enterprise’s goals effectively.”

Read her blog post on career paths recent UVM anthropology graduates are pursuing.

To learn more about the program, call 802-656-2085 or send an email to




Kevin Coburn