Dear Neuroscience Graduates of the University of Vermont Class of 2020,


    We are so proud of you and are thrilled of your accomplishments and of your passing this major milestone in your lives.

    As Neuroscience graduates, you have an in-depth understanding of the molecular, cellular, genetic and anatomical aspects of the nervous system. You also know how they all function together to govern physiology and behavior in development, health and disease.

    You have learned to think critically, analyze data and synthesize information, and this will help you succeed in so many endeavors throughout your lives.

    We honor you and applaud your advance. We thank all of those friends, colleagues and family members who contributed and supported you along the way.

    We send our heartfelt congratulations. We know you will use all of your neural circuits to make excellent contributions to the world community in innumerable ways. Please stay in touch and visit us in Burlington when you can.

    With much love and sincere best wishes,

    The Directors of the UVM Neuroscience Undergraduate Program
    Dr. Alicia Ebert (Director)
    Dr. Jom Hammack (Associate Director)
    Dr. Bryan Ballif (Acting Director)

    Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

    Anya E. Alden
    Dina M. Alter
    Hannah E. Antonellis
    Corinne Atkinson
    Nicholas E. Bouffard
    Skylar M. Bouffard
    Ashley A. Brogan
    Miya S. Brown
    Hannah Bryant^
    Emily O. Burzynski
    Gianna E. Celenza
    Devin G. Champagne
    Jennifer L. Cook
    Styles J. Crawford
    Azilee J. Curl*
    Daniel D. DeBlieck
    Rory A. Decker
    Bridget A. Dews
    Julia K. Deziel
    Conor R. Dickson
    Leianna C. Dolce^
    Ryan D. Doncaster
    Meghan E. Draper
    Charlotte A. Evans*
    Casandra A. Gale
    Channing W. George
    Sophie W. Gibson
    Madeleine E. Givant
    Cooper M. Gonyaw
    Braelin A. Hanbridge
    MacKenzie S. King
    Anthony J. Lovezzola
    Shania M. Lunna
    Ariana Macz
    Erin M. McCafferty
    Julie A. Meloche
    Harriet R. Milligan
    Mikaela Natale
    Jennifer M. Powers
    Jamie H. Rienhimer
    Emma E. Russo
    Ashley L. Secor
    Alannah M. Sullivan
    Catherine R. Thorpe*
    Abigail B. Wootton*
    Reana L. Young
    Laura R. Ziemer
    *Phi Beta Kappa
    ^Beta Beta Beta


    2020 Neuroscience Awards

    Bruce S. Kapp Award

    Recipients: Azilee J. Curl and Charlotte A. Evans
    About the Award: The Bruce S. Kapp Award is given annually to a graduating senior in neuroscience who has conducted outstanding independent research in neuroscience, while maintaining high scholastic standards overall.  This award is named for Bruce Kapp, who was a Professor of Psychology from 1971-2001.  In addition to playing an integral role in promoting excellence in neuroscience research and scholarship at the University of Vermont, Dr. Kapp was a pioneer in the study of the neurobiology of emotion, and his work has dramatically influenced and directed the research of subsequent scientists in the field.  Dr. Kapp was also a champion for involving undergrads in research and publishing with undergraduate students as co-authors on scientific journal articles.
    Award Criteria: Excellence in research as determined by strong support from research mentor(s), and other evidence including authorship on publications, conference presentations, research awards, and undergraduate funding is required for this award. While the Kapp Award will be determined primarly on research excellence, strong scholarship is also required and may be used to differentiate between candidates who demonstrate similar research qualifications.

    Rodney Parsons Award

    Recipient: Dina M. Alter
    About the Award: The Rodney Parsons Award is given annually to a graduating senior neuroscience major who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership, and research in the field of neuroscience.  This award is named for Rodney Parsons, who joined the University of Vermont Faculty in 1967, and served as Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology from 1979-2013, and since 2001 has served as the Director of the UVM Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Neuroscience.  In addition to maintaining an outstanding research program, Dr. Parsons played an integral leadership role in developing and promoting neuroscience research and education at the University of Vermont.
    Award Criteria: Excellent in scholarship as determined by GPA, performance in classroom settings, and other scholarship-related awards is required for this award. Demonstration of leadership in multiple settings, including the classroom, organizations, athletcis, etc. Effort in promoting neuroscience outside of the classroom is also recognized. Particiaption in activities related to health care, including internships, is also recognized in this award. Demonstration of excellence in research as determined by performance in laboratory settings, authorship on publications, conference presentations, research awards, and undergraduate funding is recognized by this award.