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The B.A. in music offers students the opportunity to indulge extensively in their music work while devoting time to studies outside of music.

All students interested in majoring in music must first pass an entrance audition on an instrument or voice. In order to complete the major, all students must attain intermediate level on a single instrument or voice; must have or acquire piano skills sufficient to pass the piano proficiency examination; and must pass a junior standing examination, usually at the end of the sophomore year.

Composition and Theory students learn advanced music theory and may take courses in improvisation, songwriting, and arranging. The capstone requirement is a Senior Project such as a research paper, analysis, or original composition.

Featured Alumni

Jake Lester '15 saw several of his original works performed at UVM while he was an undergraduate. His flute duet was premiered during a department trip abroad to Inner Mongolia in 2013. In 2014, he received the Amanda Cup for excellence in composition and the Thomas L. Read Award in Composition.

Carolyn Lieberman '12 was awarded the Amanda Cup and the Lyman Rowell Award for Academic Achievement in Music. She composed a musical work based on the mathematic principles of fractals.


Beyond the classroom

Theory and Composition students in Prof. David Feurzeig's composition course created and performed original works at the Music Factory concert in April 2016. Several alumni have worked as mentors at Music-COMP, an online music mentoring project for youths interested in composing.

4 Year Plan for Career Success


  • teacher
  • producer
  • performer
  • composer

Where alumni work

  • Music-COMP

Graduate Schools

  • SUNY New Paltz
  • Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College