A piano keyboard

All music majors are expected to demonstrate functional piano proficiency.

Except for Jazz Studies and Music Technology and Business concentrators, all majors must have or acquire piano skills sufficient to pass the piano proficiency examination. The piano proficiency exam must be passed prior to enrolling in the final capstone course (senior recital or senior project). The exam is made up primarily of prepared material. Scales, a repertoire piece, "The Star Spangled Banner," "Happy Birthday", and harmonization styles may be prepared far in advance. Two four-voice pieces in chordal texture and harmonization of a melody may be prepared a day in advance. A transposition exercise and sight-reading of a simple piano score are done at sight. Students may take MU 021, 041, 042, and 043 to help prepare them for the exam. A placement test will be given at the first class meeting to assess each student's correct place in the sequence of piano classes. The exam is given at the end of each semester.

Jazz Studies and Music Technology and Business concentrators are required to pass specific piano classes (see catalog).