To honor the memory of Greg Tyler, a student of piano performance at the University of Vermont who passed away in his senior year, his family is partnering with UVM to establish the Gregory M. Tyler Music Scholarship. The scholarship will annually grant $5000 to an instrumentalist or vocalist in the Department of Music's Bachelor of Arts program in Music Technology and Business. Learn more about the scholarship fund and donate online.

About the Music Technology and Business program: "The program is uniquely designed for singers and instrumentalists who seek to receive a well-rounded education in the technology and business of music while keeping active in performance. Money from the Scholarship fund will help offset education expenses and allow these young artists to focus more time on developing their talents. Students will learn how to use digital audio software and hardware in UVM's new Recording Studio and Music Technology Computer Lab. They will also learn about the inner workings of the music industry through courses in music business and copyright and arts management, while receiving required performance credits by taking group piano courses as well as private lessons. The program will also enable students to gain real-world performance and production experience through internships in local studios or other music venues."

Visit to learn more about Greg and his music. Created by UVM graduates Chloe Dickinson and Aymeric Claude, the site features recordings and productions of Greg's artistic creations.

From the website: "Denbora – Basque for the dimension of time – best describes the music and spirit of Gregory Michael Tyler: Gone from us now, from our moments of now, but echoing through time. These expressions of his musical insights – arranged in two albums of classical, electronic, fusion jazz; as well as performances and remixes – highlight the breadth of his vision. With Denbora we've respected Greg's artistic sensibilities by not over-producing his music, and including only live performances, collaborations, or archived works he'd completed. Gregory produced Reminiscenza - a collection of remixes and experimental original compositions - as a student at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. We share both these collections now so others can hear Greg's voice."

Greg was a passionate and talented musician; we remember him with sympathy, sorrow, and gratitude.