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In addition to the Entrance (Level II) Audition, music majors may be required to take other Level Jury Examinations.

Intermediate Level Examination (Level III)

The Intermediate Level Examination (Level III) is a juried examination typically done at the end of the second year of study. Students must have performed on at least two Student Performance Recitals before they are eligible for this examination. This examination must be passed before students can enroll in advanced lessons, MUL 234. For those students whose concentrations do not require a Senior Recital (B.A. students in Music History/Literature and Theory/Composition), this examination is the capstone performance experience.

Students are expected to prepare 15-20 minutes of music in consultation with their applied lesson teacher that demonstrates both their technical and musical abilities. Students need to provide a formal program that includes title and date of each composition (and movements if applicable), name and dates of the composer, and approximate timing of each piece. Please bring 11 copies of the program (NOTE: the Department Office will not provide copies). Faculty members who make up the jury may ask the student general questions about the pieces, the composers, related compositions, etc.

Students are expected to show significant progress from their Entrance Audition (Level II) and should demonstrate several contrasting styles. These examinations are held during the first and last weeks of each semester and are scheduled through the department office.

View classical Level III requirements (PDF)

View jazz Level III requirements (PDF)

Solo Recital Audition (Level IV)

All students presenting a Senior Recital (MU 250) must pass this examination 4-6 weeks prior to the date of the recital. The student must be able to perform their entire recital program, must have all performers present, and must provide a formal program as described in the Intermediate Level Examination (Level III) above.

Students must have performed on at least four Student Performance Recitals before they are eligible for this examination. An unsuccessful Level IV may result in the recital being postponed or canceled. Jazz Studies concentrators and B.S. students studying jazz repertoire have special requirements (PDF). These examinations are scheduled through the department office. A blue Recital Request Form (PDF) must be completed and turned in to the department office prior to your Level IV.

Jazz musicians should plan to complete the Tunes Test the semester before their Level IV and Senior Recital.

View Jazz Level IV requirements (PDF)

View tunes test requirements

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If you have questions about any of these requirements, please contact your advisor, your private teacher, or the music office: music@uvm.edu.