This is a list of MU courses in the current semester. You can also view a list of all music courses, and the current semester's private lessons (MUL).

Course Section Title Instructor Term CRN (Reg #) Meetings
MU 005 OL1 D1: Intro to Jazz History Clyde Stats Summer 2019 60013 To Be Announced
MU 009 OL1 Music Theory Fundamentals Patricia Riley Summer 2019 60326 To Be Announced
MU 010 OL1 D1: Blues and Related Traditns Clyde Stats Summer 2019 60619 To Be Announced
MU 015 OL1 History of Rock and Roll Clyde Stats Summer 2019 60014 To Be Announced
MU 060 Z1 Intro to Music Technology Yutaka Kono Summer 2019 61878 MTWR 13:00 - 15:45
MU 095 OL1 D2: J-Pop Brooke McCorkle Summer 2019 61831 To Be Announced
MU 161 Z1 Studio Production I Joseph Capps Summer 2019 61613 MR 17:00 - 19:30