Medieval Studies at UVM

The College of Arts and Sciences at UVM has a strong core of faculty whose teaching and research centers on Europe in the millennium between 500 and 1500 CE. Students interested in medieval Europe can take regularly offered classes such as “Medieval Mystics and Heretics,” “Doubt and Knowledge,” “The Emotions of Everyday Life in Medieval Poetry,” “Books and Readers in Europe, 1250-1650,” and “Beowulf,” in the departments of history, English, religion, and romance languages and cultures, with related content often offered in classics, art history, German and Russian, philosophy and sociology.  

Courses focused on medieval Europe allow you to explore the complexity of another world, hone your analytic and communication skills, to better grasp relationships between different ways of creating new knowledge, to explore continuity and change between past and present, and to gain a new depth of diverse cultural understanding. See links at the right to meet some of our outstanding medievalist faculty, and for examples of their recent research.


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Medieval manuscript illustration

Rare manuscripts support original scholarship  

The Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection contains images of 21 unbound manuscript items and 10 bound manuscript items from the  University of Vermont, Silver Special Collections Library. These manuscripts were written in various locations across Europe and the Middle East, from early in the 12th century to the 17th century C.E. These beautiful books are often heavily illustrated or decorated, and provide examples of a wide range of scripts, both Gothic and later varieties. The scope of the collection will facilitate studies of book history, codicology, paleography, and Medieval and Renaissance history.

The past made relevant for today

Every year medievalist scholars from the UVM College of Arts and Sciences publish numerous books, articles, chapters, and reviews, providing contemporary perspectives on age-old challenges confronting human society.