Professor Emerita of Linguistics

Julie Roberts is a linguist specializing in sociolinguistics and dialectology. She teaches classes covering a range of linguistic topics including phonetics, pragmatics, English language structure, language and law, and American English dialects, and she would be happy to meet with any students interested in studying and/or doing research in linguistics.


Publications: Refereed Journal Articles

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Book-length Publication

Roberts, J.  (1996).  Acquisition of variable rules: (-t,d) deletion and (ing) production in preschool children.  Philadelphia, PA: Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, IRCS Report 96--09.

Other Publications

Roberts, J.  (2013).  Child language variation.  In J. Chambers, N. Schilling-Estes, & P. Trudgill (eds.) Handbook of Language Variation & Change, 2nd edition.  Oxford, UK:  Blackwell. (Refereed book chapter)

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(* = papers with students)

Awards and Recognition

Research Assistantship, Department of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania.  1987-1988
Merit Scholarship, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania.  1987-1986
Research Assistantship, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania.  1985-1986
Merit Scholarship, Psycholinguistics Department, Boston University.  1983-1984
Certificate of Clinical Competence, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  1979
UAF Traineeship, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, Emerson College, 1977-1978

Associations and Affiliations

Member, Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics, Linguistic Society of America, (2015-present)
Chair, Committee on Linguistics in Higher Education, Linguistic Society of America, (2012-2014)
Board of Directors, American Dialect Society (2009-2012)
Editorial Board, American Speech (2009-2012)
Member, Linguistic Society of America (LSA)
Member, Linguistics in Higher Education (LIHE) Committee, LSA
Member, American Dialect Society (ADS)
Professor Julie Roberts

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Vermont speech, American English dialects, dialect acquisition


  • Ph.D. Linguistics, The University of Pennsylvania


  • (802) 656-0209
Office Location:

507 Waterman

Courses Taught

  • LING 081: Structure of the English Language
  • LING 095: Introductory Special Topics: Language and Law
  • LING 162: American English Dialects
  • LING 164: Structure of the English Language
  • LING 165: Phonetic Theory and Practice
  • LING 168: Introduction to Pragmatics
  • CMSI 160: Intercultural Communication
  • CMSI 162: American English Dialects
  • CMSI 164: Structure of the English Language
  • CMSI 165: Phonetic Theory and Practice
  • CMSI 195: Intermediate Special Topics: Pragmatics
  • CMSI 387: Language Disorders
  • CSD 164: Structure of the English Language
  • CSD 165: Phonetic Theory and Practice
  • ENGS 101: Structure of the English Language
  • ENGS 103: American English Dialects
  • HCOL 195: Honors College Sophomore Seminar: Language and the Law