Spring 2021

Biology 096
Undergraduate Research – CURE Lab
Professor Laura May-Collado

The Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) provides early opportunities to Life Science Scholars to participate in any of the phases of scientific research: synthesizing scientific literature on a topic of interest, planning an experimental design, collecting data, data summary and visualization, and communicating science. Students choose from a selection of hot-topics and research activities. Good science is always challenging. This course helps students to get involved early on in scientific inquiry, develop innovative ideas and realistic expectations, and gain confidence and competency in data collection and writing - all key skills that jump-start a research career at UVM.

Fall 2020

Biology 095
Nobel Prize Winning Science
Professor Bryan Ballif

In this course we explore Nobel Prize winning science including the history and lives of the scientists themselves. Through lectures, discussions, homework assignments and writing assignments, students have an opportunity to learn the science behind several recent Nobel Prizes.