Why do an internship?

From 2016-2021, the number of internships completed per year in the College of Arts & Sciences has nearly tripled from about 250 to more than 700. This is in part due to increased funding and the advent of new programs designed to reach students at all stages of their professional development. 

“We believe that every student should have the opportunity to have at least one, if not multiple, internships during their time at UVM. Internships provide essential life skills, preparing students for the work place and building the networks and skills they need to succeed.”

-- William Falls, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Organizations that hire interns also create pipelines for new employees: A 2016 study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that 72% of interns eventually received full-time job offers from the companies where they worked, and 85% of those offered positions accepted them.

Research indicates that students who have internships are more likely to find jobs and be paid more over the course of their careers.  Studies also show that students with internship experiences have a better understanding of the world of work, receive more job offers and higher starting salaries, and secure full-time work earlier than those who have not engaged in an internship.

Personal & Developmental Growth

  • Those who have interned, particularly at the early stages of career have a better understanding of the world of work. 
  • Internships are a type of High Impact Practice, which are a type of deep learning defined by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. Internships allow students to explore an industry, gain skills, and make well-informed decisions regarding careers.

(Rothman & Sisman, 2016)

Faster Job Attainment

  • Undergraduates with internship experience are viewed as better prepared and more marketable to employers.
  • Studies have found that students with internship experience find jobs more quickly than those who have not interned.

(Carnevale, Smith, Melton, & Price, 2015; Gault, Leach, & Duey, 2010)

Starting Salaries that are 28% Higher

  • Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce has reported that students who have interned will earn a starting salary that is 28% higher than those who did not engage in an internship.

(Carnevale, Smith, Melton, & Price, 2015)

Higher Job Satisfaction & Promotion Rates

  • Students who have interned report enjoying a higher level of job satisfaction and a faster promotion rate to positions of increased responsibility than their non-intern counterparts.

(Gault, Leach, & Duey, 2010)

90% of employers surveyed in a nationwide study use internships as a recruiting tool.

(NACE: National Association of Colleges & Employers)

51% of interns are offered post-graduation positions at their internship organizations.

(NACE: National Association of Colleges & Employers)