History majors are ideal candidates for many types of internships.

The History Department supports several types of internships that draw on skillsets commonly held by history majors.

"While we train our students, first and foremost, to understand and engage with the past critically, it is important to note that, along the way, they acquire valuable skills that stand them in very good stead in any variety of internships settings. Aside from being masters at synthesizing large amounts of information, history majors know how to craft and substantiate arguments, articulate their thoughts, and, most importantly, write effective prose. Furthermore, doing the kinds of historical research that we ask our students to do in our classes requires careful organization and a keen ability to seek out and locate information in diverse published and unpublished materials, in visual culture, on the internet, and in databases. Experiences such as these mean that history majors are peculiarly well-suited to many different jobs and work environments."

-- Paul Deslandes, History Department Chair

Explore your options below and get in touch with Professor Paul Deslandes or  the CAS Internship Coordinators with questions. 

Research & Collections Management

Books lay on shelves in the Vermont State Archives in Montpelier.

Do you want to work one-on-one with a historian or author? Are you interested in completing a specific project for an organization? Reach out to your faculty, friends and acquaintances to see if they have a project for you!

Students have had writing & research internships with...

Atlantic Council | Author Steve Terry | Big Heavy World | Bixby Memorial Library | Lund Family Center | UVM Alumni House | UVM Special Collections | Vermont Pop Recordings


Museums & Historical Societies

Are you interested in a career in museums or cultural institutions? Get experience now by becoming an intern at a similar institution. 

Students have interned at...

The Barnes Foundation | Barre Historical Society | Central Vermont Railway Historical Society | Ethan Allen Homestead Museum | Fleming Museum | French Historical Society (Normandy, France) | Lake Champlain Maritime Museum | Mimsy Museum Database | Rokeby Museum | Shelburne Museum | Vermont Archaeology Heritage Center | Vermont Folklife Center | Vermont Historical Society | Winooski Mill Museum

Learn more about these internships on the History Department website


Outreach and Communication

Do you have a passion for history but don't see yourself doing long-term research? Consider assisting a historical society or museum with their outreach efforts!

Students have had outreach internships at...

Access Challenge | Burlington Free Press | Deep State Blog (Independent Media Institute) | ECHO Leahy Center | The Global Language Network | The Islander | Lane Series | National Life Group | National Part Service | Noyes House Museum | UVM Athletic Department | UVM Foundation | UVM History Department | The Quarry Project



Where do UVM History Alumni work?

Those who graduate with a degree in History from UVM work in many industries. Check out this LinkedIn alumni information page to learn more.

History Department Internship Policy: 

Students can earn credit for their internship in one of two ways: 

  1. Elective Credit: Students enroll in AS-190 to earn elective internship credit toward their degree. This option is useful for when a student's internship is not particularly related to the study of History. 
  2. Major Credit: Students enroll in HST-199 to earn internship credit toward their major requirements. This option requires additional clearance by the History Department. Contact Professor Paul Deslandes with questions.