The Office of Transfer Affairs determines which courses transfer from other institutions by examining the official transcript and the calculated semester hours. The GPA from another institution does not transfer to UVM; only credits have the potential of transferring. Keep in mind that although courses may transfer, they may not satisfy particular Arts and Sciences degree requirements. Current UVM students are expected to have any classes taken at another U.S. domestic institution pre-approved by the Office of Transfer Affairs before they enroll in the class. To start this process, complete the on-line form which you can find by going to your  myUVM portal, select Registrar tab, and then Transfer Credit.

Transferring credits consists of two parts:

  1. the transcript review to determine if courses will be accepted for transfer and
  2. determination of how transferred credits meet specific requirements.

The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Have official transcript(s) sent to:

Office of Transfer Affairs
University of Vermont
360 Waterman Building
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: 802/656-0867


Step 2: Access transfer affairs evaluation after their review

Log in to your My UVM Portal using your UVM NetID and email password. Click on "Transfer Credit Evaluation" located in the Academics section.


Step 3: Run a Degree audit report

Your Degree audit will show if transferred credits fulfill specific requirements or if they are electives. Log in to your My UVM Portal using your UVM NetID and email password. Click on "Degree Audit for Students" located in the Academics section.


How to transfer credits fulfill distribution, major, and minor requirements

  • Only 3-credit courses can fulfill distribution, major and minor requirements. In the case where a class transfers as a fraction, 2.50 credits or higher can fulfill a 3-credit course requirement.
  • 0XX, XXX, or 1XX course numbers
    These numbers represent courses that have successfully been transferred but are not an exact number match to a UVM course. Check your Degree Audit to see how they have been applied to requirements or electives. In some cases further review may be required by a Department Chair or their designee. The Dean's Office must be notified by the department if the 0XX, XXX, or 1XX transfer credit meets a major or minor requirement.