History Minor Requirement

Eighteen hours of history.  These must include three hours in any course at the introductory level (below 1000), plus nine hours at the intermediate (2000) or advanced (4000) level.  These must also include six hours in each of two of the departments’ areas of study (The Americas; Europe; Africa/Asia/Middle East/Global).

No more than 6 credits of Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) History can count toward the 18 credits required for the minor, and no more than 3 credits of AP or IB History can count toward any 1 of the minor’s geographic requirements (Americas, Europe, Africa/Asia/Middle East/Global).  Please see the UVM catalog for more details:  https://www.uvm.edu/cas/history/undergraduate-programs/minor-history

If you had started to earn your minor degree when the Areas of Concentration were Western Hemisphere; Europe; Africa/Asia/Latin America, please see your advisor to be certain the above revised areas of concentration still apply to your specific situation.

New requirements for AY 2023-24 (PDF)

Prerequisites for History Classes

HST 1170-1990
Introductory courses: open to first-year history students, and to all other students who would like to begin their study of history. These courses are designed as introductions to areas of history. They generally have a lecture format, with some courses including discussion sections or discussion periods. Required work usually involves written examinations and short out-of-class essays, such as book reviews and papers of analysis.

HST 2050-2990
Advanced Intermediate Courses: intended to build upon a student's experience in the introductory courses. These courses are open to second-year students who have taken the appropriate introductory course work, or to any students who have sufficient academic experience and ability. These courses usually require the careful reading of a wide variety of historical works and extensive writing, in addition to written examinations.

HST 4110-4990
Advanced (Seminar) Courses: advanced work in interpretation, research and writing with a seminar format and limited enrollment (normally 15 or fewer students). These seminars are primarily for students majoring in history (or related disciplines) and graduate students who have taken at least 12 hours of previous work in history. Individual instructors will prescribe specific prerequisites appropriate for their seminars. Students who wish to enroll in seminars should check the current schedule of courses for these prerequisites. It is prudent to contact the professor before enrolling in the seminar.