Two graduates from the department of history have won Pulitzer Prizes, one for journalism, the other for literature. Others have gone on to productive careers in law, journalism, publishing, education and government. 

  • Clara Kelly: "Thank you Vermont History Department"

    “The history department at the University of Vermont gave me so much more than a degree. My feet are well grounded and my mind is open, active and able to analyze and deduce problems as they occur.”

    After graduating in 2015 with a BA in history, Clara currently works for Georgetown University as an event planner. She believes that her degree has not only greatly aided her skills in communication, reading, analysis, and writing, but also taught her to be open minded, empathetic, and respectful.

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What do these people all have in common?

John F. Kennedy
Martha Stewart
Sacha Baron Cohen
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Lauryn Hill
Steve Carell
Jimmy Buffett
Julia Child

They're all history majors — the major with no limits.