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As the birthplace of the economic, political, and social institutions that we associate with modern life, Europe has shaped and will continue to have a significant impact on the United States and the world. As a student in UVM's European Studies Program, one of nine areas of study within global and regional studies, you can explore Europe's history, culture and languages through an interdisciplinary program of study designed around your own particular interests in a region, time period or theme.

Major Requirements

Our European Studies major program provides a stimulating blend of courses from disciplines including history, political science, religion and more. Our program will offer you a skillset, including writing and critical thinking, that can be applied towards any career path. The European Studies major consists of 33 course credits, and most of our major students spend time abroad. See our requirements for the European Studies major.

Beyond the classroom


Outside the classroom, many of our students undertake internships abroad or in the U.S. with direct relevance to their degrees in fields including businesses, government, media, international organizations like the United Nations, and international non-profit organizations. Explore our internship opportunities.

Study Abroad

The European Studies Program enthusiastically encourages students to spend a semester or more studying at a European university. Up to 50% of the credits you need to complete your European studies major or minor be fulfilled through courses taken away from UVM. Many students in our program make good use of this option by spending a summer, a semester, or an entire academic year at one of our approved study abroad programs in Europe. Of course, studying in Europe is optional and not mandatory.

Our list of recommended study abroad programs includes universities in many different European nations, some offering a curriculum specifically designed for European Studies majors.

UVM Study Abroad Approved Programs

UVM Exchange Programs in Europe:

Though our own array of exchange sites and our membership in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), UVM offers our students the possibility to participate in a direct exchange with more than 40 European universities in 11 different nations of Western and Central Europe. These programs offer an excellent way to experience direct immersion into the academics and culture of your host country. In an exchange program, all UVM participants pay-in state rates for tuition and fees, making this a good value in monetary terms as well.

Affiliated Programs in Europe:

UVM is also affiliated with a large number of other European-based study abroad programs, some of which require a major in a specific field. These include:

  • the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy
  • the Junior Year in Salzburg Program in Salzburg, Austria
  • the Swedish Program in Stockholm, Sweden
  • the Institute for French Studies at the American University of Paris
  • the Buckham Overseas Studies Program, Canterbury, England (English majors)
  • many additional program sites sponsored by US universities or major study abroad consortia such as CIEE, AIFS, and others.
"European Studies Programs" in Europe:

While most of the exchange and affiliated programs listed above offer a wide array of courses that can count toward your European Studies major or minor, you might want to consider a program that has been specifically designed for students pursuing a European Studies degree, such as The Center for European Studies at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

For more information on all of these study abroad possibilities, speak with your European Studies advisor and with UVM's Office of International Education.


A key part of your success at UVM will be your relationship with your academic advisor. Think of your advisor as your academic liaison who you can rely on to clarify university policies and requirements, provide support, and help you navigate your undergraduate journey. As a European Studies major or minor, you will automatically be paired with program director, Steve Zdatny. Learn more about advising here.


  • Foreign Service/State Department
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • International Development
  • Education
  • Journalism