College of Arts and Sciences Internship Scholarships

Internship Scholarships are awarded to students who intend to participate in unpaid or under-paid Summer internship opportunities. The College recognizes that funding makes internships more accessible and is dedicated to supporting students interning in sectors with less funding availability.

More information about these awards including information about international internships, the application process, and the funding timeline can be found on the Career Center's Internship Scholarship website.

The timeline for Summer 2023 scholarship applications will be released soon!

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Once you have applied to an internship opportunity, you can then apply for internship scholarships. You do not need an internship offer or secured internship plans to apply to funding -- you just need to have applied to the internship. By applying here for an internship scholarship, you will be considered for multiple funding sources depending on your major, minor, program, or internship type. A full list of available awards is below. 

Student Eligibility

Any current, undergraduate degree-seeking College of Arts & Sciences student is eligible to apply. Applicants must be in good academic standing. Eligible students must plan to continue their course of studies during the fall 2023 semester, which means that students planning to graduate in May 2023 are not eligible for this award.

Read our FAQs!

Internship Eligibility

Eligible internships are those that provide a substantive learning experience. A student should have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom, and to attain new knowledge or skills that are transferrable to other employment settings. There should be clearly defined learning objectives/goals, and consistent supervision and feedback from an experienced supervisor.

You do not need to have confirmed your internship in order to apply, but distribution of the scholarship funds will be contingent upon receiving a letter from your internship employer detailing the following information:

  • The organization name and address
  • Confirmation of your internship offer
  • A brief outline of your responsibilities

Selection Criteria 

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist students with attaining experience relating to career and professional development, so scholarship decisions are not made on the basis of previous experience or GPA. Rather, award decisions are based on:

  • The benefits a student will gain from the internship
  • How the internship aligns with a student's career/professional goals
  • Financial need

This award is part of the UVM-wide internship scholarship process. More information about criteria can be found here.

Awardee Obligations

Before award disbursement, you must provide:

  • A photo of yourself
  • A thank you note to the benefactor(s) including answers to the following questions:
    • How will this internship help you grow personally and professionally?
    • How will this internship opportunity allow you to explore life after UVM? Will it help you explore options, gain skills, or refine a plan as it relates to your career?

At the end of your internship, please submit either:

  • A 1-2 minute video clip of you speaking about your experience. The video clip does not need to be fully produced, a selfie-style video filmed on your phone will do - just make sure you film horizontally and have adequate lighting! You are also more than welcome to include clips of you working at your internship.

 - OR - 

  • A 2 page reflection about your experience + a photo of you working at your internship (even if it is remote! We want to see your workspace creativity!)

Regardless of the format you choose, please answer the following questions:

  • Where did you intern (name of organization, location, online/in person)?
  • What was the most interesting/exciting activity or project you did at your internship? Why?
  • What did you learn/how did you grow as a person as a result from this experience?
  • What are your recommendations for future interns?

Please contact Kelly Smith with any questions about these assignments. 


Awards Available

In order to apply for these awards, please use the application button above. You will be considered for all that you are eligible for, including additional funding sources based in other colleges

Deadline for all awards: March 17, 2023

College of Arts & Sciences Internship Scholarship

Open to CAS students of all majors with internships in any field. 4-6 awards of up to $3,000 each. 

Meredith Bluhm-Wolf Internship Fund

Open to CAS students of all majors with internships in any field. 14-18 awards of up to $3000 each. 

Guzak Endowed Internship Fund

Open to CAS students of all majors with internships in any field. 4-6 awards of up to $3000 each.

Seder-Rosen Family Arts & Sciences Internship Fund

Open to CAS students of all majors with internships in any field. 10-12 awards of up to $3000 each.

Additional Funding Sources

There are several other UVM funding sources that provide scholarship money for students who need financial assistance in order to accept an unpaid internship:

FOUR - Office of Fellowship, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research 

FOUR offers several funding opportunities for research and internships. Sometimes your internship, if it includes a lot of research, may qualify you for some of these alternate funding sources. 

Other ways to get paid

If your employer does not offer to pay you minimum wage, you might ask them about other forms of compensation. Some internships offer stipends, which is a fixed amount of money delivered in a lump sum, used to cover expenses (e.g. a $1,000 stipend for the semester). Other allotments may include housing, food, or vouchers for gym memberships, bus passes, etc. It can’t hurt to ask!


210 students have recieved internship scholarships since 2015

Over $200,000 was awarded in 2021 to students with unpaid or under-paid internships


Intern Olivia Shutkin

Olivia Shutkin ('20 Spanish, Political Science) interned during summer 2019 at Abby Yozell's interior design firm in Boston, M.A. and was a recipient of the CAS Internship Scholarship.

"As an aspiring interior designer, having the opportunity to work alongside Abby on interiors work as well as with her e-commerce home goods business, this internship will provide relevant experience from a talented interior designer. My internship will include photography, sourcing furniture, space planning, digital design programming, and more."