Lecturer in Russian language, literature, and culture

Dr. Casper-McFadden’s present research focuses on the Russian novel written throughout the turn of the twentieth century and redirects scholarly attention on important novels and novellas showcasing queer relationships and identities that are often overlooked in traditional academic inquiry. These queer narratives exude broader social and political concerns and anxieties existing in Russia during this centennial period and manifest alternative, equalizing realities that counter traditional heteronormativity and challenge official politics. At UVM, she teaches Queering the Russian Novel, Graphic Novels and Memory, Not Your Mother’s Fairytales, and The Ideological War in Ukraine.

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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

20th-century Russian literature; the Russian novel; novel theory; gender studies; queer theory; queer Russia, modernism; political history and theory; postmodernism; the graphic novel.


  • Smith College, BA in Russian and Anthropology; May 2014
  • New York University, MA in Russian Studies; January 2016
  • University of Kansas, MA in Slavic Languages and Literatures; May 2018
  • University of Kansas, PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures; September 2022


Office Location:

Waterman 422A

Courses Taught

  • Elementary Russian I and II
  • Queering the Russian Novel
  • The Ideological War in Ukraine
  • Not Your Mother’s Fairytales: The Making of Russian National Identity
  • Graphic Novels from the Eastern Bloc: Testimonies of the Holocaust and Socialism
  • Twentieth Century Russian Poetry