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Bridget Swanson joined the Department of German and Russian at UVM in the fall of 2017. She received her B.A. in German Literature and English Literature from the University of Miami and holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Germanic Languages & Literatures from the University of Pennsylvania. Her specialties include curricular design, contemporary film culture, and adaptation studies.

Bridget’s research focuses on the emergence of a new film genre in twenty-first-century German film culture, which she labels contemporary classical adaptations. In her dissertation, “Twenty-First Century German Adaptations: the Classical, the Transnational, the Pedagogical” she demonstrates how the genre has exploded since 2005 given German cinema’s intense dialogical engagement with: Hollywood blockbuster adaptations of the 1990s; transnational production and distribution pressures in contemporary Europe; and the lingering specter of German national cinema. She then shows how these films have been promoted and shaped, in part, by government mandates requiring the teaching of “visual literacy” in schools nationwide and she critiques how these films are consistently implemented in a variety of educational contexts in the nation. Currently, she is preparing this research for publication.

A dedicated instructor, Bridget has been recognized with several teaching awards honoring her work teaching at the undergraduate level. As part of her commitment to curriculum development and instructor training, Bridget has also co-authored Augenblicke: German through Film, Media, and Texts, an innovative beginning and intermediate German language and culture textbook currently in use at six universities nationwide. Her commitment to education spans far beyond the undergraduate classroom, however, and she regularly provides workshops and pedagogical training for graduate students, instructors, and faculty across a variety of subjects.

Bridget Swanson


  • B.A. in German Literature and English Literature, University of Miami
  • M.A. in Germanic Languages & Literatures, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Ph.D. in Germanic Languages & Literatures, University of Pennsylvania.


  • 802-656-1476
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Waterman 416

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On leave for the 2020-2021 academic year