The study of geology is an expression of curiosity of the world around us.

In the field, and in the lab, our students maintain a mountain view.

Discover why landscapes differ, why earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, why mountains and oceans exist, or why dinosaurs became extinct? Geologists attempt to answer the questions of why? how? and under what conditions? as well as questions concerning time (when?) and place (where?). Between fieldwork and time in the lab, geology is the process of answering these questions. Discover Geology at UVM.

Graduate experience

working the dome NZ

Faculty recruit graduate students to work on a variety of funded research programs. See the list of current graduate student research. For project descriptions, visit our faculty members' web pages.

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Undergraduate experience

jonesville field trip

Geology professors at UVM are excited about what they do; our students find it contagious. Pursue your degree guided by faculty mentors who are experts in their fields, and consider getting involved in work that helps the world at large. Be unique on purpose.

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Geologists make sense of the planet we inhabit.

The Geology Department has a long tradition of sponsoring professional seminars: Geology Seminar Series Fall 2019

Contact Nico Perdrial for details.


The Perkins Museum of Geology

The Perkins Museum of Geology is dedicated to presenting geologic concepts and processes to students, scholars, and the interested public in a manner that both informs and entertains.

Visit us M-F, 9-4, in the Geology Department's Delehanty Hall.

2019 CAMP UPDATE: Note to Campers and Families:

Regrettably, UVM will not be offering the Perkins Museum Environmental Science Day Camp in the summer of 2019. 

The Perkins camp staff wish you a fantastic summer and hope you visit the Museum!