Adjunct Professor and VT State Climatologist

An applied climatologist by training, Dr. Dupigny-Giroux's research interests intersect a number of interdisciplinary fields including hydroclimatic natural hazards and climate literacy as well as the use of remote sensing and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in the fields of spatial climate and land-surface processes. In terms of hazards, she has examined the spectre of drought in both semiarid environments in northeast Brazil, as well as humid continental ones like northeastern North America. Earlier work in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association outlines the climatic underpinnings of drought in Vermont and shall be used as part of a national effort to develop a North American-wide definition of drought. Her recently published work includes guest editing a special issue of the journal Physical Geography, devoted to the theme of climate literacy. Other publications (e.g. Remote Sensing of Environment) delve into the use of multiangular imaging to examine drought stress in New England wetlands. Finally, Dr. Dupigny-Giroux is the lead editor of Historical climate variability and impacts in North America, the first monograph of its kind to deal with the use of documentary and other ancillary records in the analysis of climate variability and change.

Dr. Dupigny-Giroux is also the State Climatologist for Vermont, a role which has allowed her to facilitate dialogue among meteorology, climatology, emergency management, agriculture, forestry and GIS users across the state. She continues to work closely with colleagues at these and other state agencies to better quantify the causal dynamic and impacts of floods, droughts and severe weather on Vermont’s physical landscape.

Dr. Dupigny-Giroux teaches introductory courses in physical geography and geotechniques. Her intermediate and advanced level courses include topics on Climatology, Remote Sensing, Advanced GIS Applications, and Satellite Climatology and Land-Surfaces Processes. She holds a B.S. in Physical Geography and Development Studies from the University of Toronto (1989), an M.S.(1992) in Climatology and Hydrology and a Ph.D. (1996) in Climatology and Geographic Information Systems from McGill University.

Quote: "Sharing knowledge and giving back to my community (of scholars, peers, students) are my two axioms in life. Watching students mature and flourish in their four years with us is a great privilege and the best part about being a teacher-scholar here at UVM."

Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Girox

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Climate variability and change, historical climatology, climate literacy, severe weather hazards, drought, remote sensing, Geographic Information Science, New England, Brazil, Caribbean.


  • Ph.D., McGill University (1996)


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