Associate Professor and Chair of Geology

Teaching and Research

As a member of the UVM faculty since 1995, I maintain the UVM Environmental Stable Isotope Laboratory and the Limnogeology Laboratory, both located in the Geology Department. My current research focuses on Limnogeology, the study of lake systems and their deposits. My students and I investigate lake sediments of various temporal and spatial scales to reconstruct environmental changes of the past. These include, for instance, climate change, catastrophic events or human impact. Understanding the variability and the thresholds of lake systems will help us predict their response to future climate and environmental changes.

I have taught undergraduate courses including Introductory Geology and Sedimentology, as well as more specialized courses such as Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Geophysiology.


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Rayback, S. A., Lini, A., and Berg, D.L., In press. Growth, reproduction and stable isotope ratio chronologies of Cassiope mertensiana: Multiple climate signals from a site on Mount Rainier, Washington, USA. Physical Geography.

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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Area of expertise
UVM Environmental Stable Isotope Laboratory and the Limnogeology Laboratory


  • M.S., 1988, ETH-Z Switzerland
  • Ph.D., 1994, ETH-Z Switzerland


  • (802) 656-0245
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Delehanty Hall, Room 319

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Thursdays 1:00-2:00 and by appointment