Our graduate students present their findings at national conferences such as National Geological Society of America (GSA), Northeast Sectional GSA, National American Geophysical Union (AGU), Vermont Geological Society (VT GSA), and many field-specific meetings and conferences.

Graduate Students Currently Conducting Research

Victoria Treto

Victoria Treto taking a selfie in front of small rapids with trees and other greenery around her

Specialization: Environmental Mineralogy & Remediation

Advisor: Nicolas Perdrial

Research: Assessing Nutrient Sustainability in Forest Management: In-situ weathering of calcium-bearing minerals in forested ecosystems”

Description: I am working on complex, collaborative, multidisciplinary research entitled, “Assessing Nutrient Sustainability in Forest Management”, on a USDA Agricultural Food Research Initiative (AFRI) grant. AFRI’s mission promotes increasing food production, mitigating impacts of climate variability, and ensuring food safety and security

Kaleb Jones

In progress:

Advisor: Andrea Lini

Ashton Kirol

Research: Using computational models and high-frequency sensor data to understand environmental drivers of legacy phosphorus loading and distribution in two eutrophic lake systems of the Lake Champlain Basin

Advisor: Andrew Schroth

Trevor Mackowiak

Trevor Mackowiak standing at a lake

In progress:

Advisor: Nico Perdrial

Manya Ruckhaus

Research: Using Big Data approaches to assess ecohydrological resilience across scales

Advisor: Julia Perdrial

Jarret Pidgeon

Jarret on a bridge with greenery and water in the distant background

Specialization: tectonics, field geology, and geochronology

Advisor: Laura Webb

Research: Investigating the Mongol-Okhotsk Suture Zone in northeastern Mongolia

Gavin Pirrie

Gavin Pirrie portrait

Research: Investigating the Tectonics of the Mongol-Okhotsk Ocean Closure

Advisor: Laura Webb

Siga Juozelskis

Specialization: field geology, structural geology, and geomorphology

Advisor: Keith Klepeis

Research: Addressing Vermont's Intensifying Landslide and Mass-wasting Problem and its Links to Climate Change

Description: I am working on how the Cotton Brook Landslide in Waterbury, VT has evolved over time; linking depositional mechanisms with erosion mechanisms. I am using photogrammetry, DEMs, orthophotos, fieldwork, and GIS to answer my hypotheses.

Sonya Vogel

Sonya Vogel holding test tubes in a laboratory environment

Specialization: Environmental & Water Biogeochemistry

Advisor: Andrew Schroth

Research: Consequences of winter high flow events on nutrient loading to Lake Champlain

Description: Changing winter dynamics in the northeastern U.S. have increased the frequency and magnitude of winter thaws and rain-on-snow events. In my work, we are seeking to improve our understanding of these events with focus on their contribution to nutrient loading in select tributaries of Lake Champlain.

Past Graduate Research Theses

ScholarWorks has titles and links to graduate student theses from 2014 to Present. 

The full-text of some recent Thesis/Dissertation are under embargo, and will only be available for download 1-3 years after the year of publication.

All theses titles for the years 1960 - 2019 are listed below.


Thomas Adler - Combining Complex Systems Tools, Process-Based Modelling and Experiments to Bridge Scales in Low Temperature Geochemistry

Mae Kate Campbell - Quantifying Background Erosion Rates in Cuba Using Cosmogenic Nuclides

Peter Lindquist - The architecture of a lower-crustal shear zone and evidence for along-strike variations in strain localization and partitioning, Fiordland, New Zealand


Adele Conde - Multiscale expression of apatite dissolution

Christopher Eddy - Definition and correlation of the indecision creek shear zone across 1500 km2 in Fiordland, New Zealand

Maxwell Landsman-Gerjoi - Measuring the Influence of Environmental Conditions on Dissolved Organic Matter Biodegradability and Optical Properties: A Combined Field and Laboratory Study

Meagan Leduc - Seasonal Water Column Dynamics Exert Strong Control on the Chemical Partitioning of Benthic Phosphorus Pools of Shallow Eutrophic Freshwater Systems

Griffin Moyer - Strain Accommodation, Metamorphic Evolution, and 3d Kinematics of Transpressional Flow Within the Lower Crust of a Cretaceous Magmatic Arc in Fiordland, New Zealand

Austin Wilkes - Phosphorus Mobility and Speciation Under Dynamic Redox Conditions in Shallow Eutrophic Freshwater Systems


Cheyne Aiken - Geochronologic Constraints On The Timing Of Metamorphism And Exhumation Of The Tillotson Peak Complex In Northern Vermont

Jesse Armfield - Combining Observations Of Soils And Streams To Investigate Trends Caused By Reduced Acid Depositon In The Sleepers River Watershed

Malayika Cincotta - Soil Aggregates: The mechanistic link to increased dissolved organic carbon in surface waters?

Matthew Kraft - From Sea To Lake: The Depositional History Of Saint Albans Bay, VT, USA

Henry C. Maguire - Application Of Geophysical And Geochronological Methods To Sedimentologic And Stratigraphic Problems In The Lower Cambrian Monkton Formation: Northwestern Vermont

Matthew Merson - The Progressive Evolution of the Champlain Thrust Fault Zone: Insights from a Structural Analysis of its Architecture

Grant Reeder - Microscale controls on lead speciation in soils: a framework for sustainable remediation

Evan Tam - Geochronological Constraints On The Timing Of Deformation: An Examination Of The Prospect Rock Fault Footwall In North-Central Vermont


Gina Accorsi - Fingerprinting Wolframite: An Atomic/Crystallographic, Chemical and Spectroscopic Study Along the Solid Solution Series

Jennifer Bower - Speciation, Distribution, Prediction, and Mobility of Lead in Urban Soils: A Multiscale Study

Alison Denn - Detecting Landscape Response To Perturbations By Climate And Base Level In Central Pennsylvania Using In-Situ 10Be and 26Al

John Gilbert - Crustal Deformation During Arc-Flare Up Magmatism: Field And Microstructural Analysis Of A Mid-Crustal, Melt Enhanced Shear Zone

Michael Ingram - 4d Strain Path Recorded In The Lower Crust During The Transition From Convergence To Continental Rifting, Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand


Hannah Blatchford - The Structural Evolution Of A Portion Of The Median Batholith And Its Host Rock In Central Fiordland, New Zealand: Examples Of Partitioned Transpression And Structural Reactivation

Sophie Greene - Comparing Meteoric 10be, In Situ 10be, And Native 9be Across A Diverse Set Of Watersheds

Alyson Hampsch - Using Aqueous Soil Extracts to Study Organic Matter Leaching From Soils of Different River Corridor Land Covers in Vermont

Samuel Lagor - The relationship between magmatism, deformation, and metamorphism during the Acadian Orogeny: a case study from the Knox Mountain pluton, Green Mountains, Vermont

Thomas Neilson - Determining impacts of land use on sediment yield in Southwestern Chinese Rivers using 10Be and short lived isotopes

Braden Rosenberg - High flow events as hot moments of reactive Fe and P export: impacts of land cover and seasonality

Ashliegh Belrose - The Champlain Sea/Lake Champlain Transition Recorded In The Northeast Arm Of Lake Champlain, USA-Canada


Ryan Brink- A petrological and provenance comparison of the late Lower Cambrian Monkton (Vermont) and the late Lower/early Middle Cambrian Altona Formations (Northern New York), along the Laurentian margin of Iapetus

Kathryn Dianiski - Structural evolution and deformation of the lower crust: Insights from microstructural analysis and geochronology of Vancouver Arm and Crooked Arm in Fiordland, New Zealand

Jacob Menken - Response of Tourmaline Atomic Arrangement to Thermal Treatments

Alice Newman - Understanding lower crustal deformational processes: A structural and kinematic analysis of Vancouver Arm and Breaksea Sound in Fiordland, New Zealand

Lucas (Luke) Reusser PhD: Quantifying Human Impacts on Natural Rates of Erosion Along Continental Margins

Ana Vang - The Geomorphic Effects of the Vermont Interstate System


Patrick Dyess - Low-temperature TitanIQ thermobarometry of Taconian Cover-rocks of Rochester, VT

Angel A. García Jr. - Elemental Sulfur Nanoparticle Coarsening Kinetics and Changes in Raman and Voltammetric Signals

Steven Gohlke- Insights into the origin of a zone of slipped deformation bands from the Seiyal Fault, Western Desert, Egypt

Alice Nelson - The Concentration of In Situ 10-Be in Fluvial Sediments as a Tool for Deciphering 6 My of Greenland Ice Sheet History from a Marine Sediment Core

Megan Scott - The Tectonic Influence on the Depositional Environment of the Middle Ordovician Middlebury Formation


Christine McNiff - A Structural Evolution of Dome and Basin Development in the Champlain Valley, Vermont

Johanna Palmer -A Paleolimnological Study of Holocene Sediments in St. Albans Bay

Merril Stypula - Evidence for partial melting at northern Tavan Har and relationship to Late Triassic sinistral shear in the East Gobi Fault Zone, southeastern Mongolia

Jeff Webber - Structural analysis of high temperature deformation fabrics within Mesozoic plutonic complexes, central Chile


Kyle Ashley - TitaniQ thermobarometry of fabric development in the Strafford Dome, Vermont: linking microstructures to orogenic processes

Lee Corbett - Investigating the timing of deglaciation and the efficiency of subglacial erosion in Central-Western Greenland with cosmogenic 10-BE and 26-AL

Drew Koff - A multi-proxy paleolimnological study of holocene sediments in Missisquoi Bay, USA-Canada

Eric Portenga - Using 10-Be to constrain erosion rates of bedrock outcrops globally and in the Central Appalachian Mountains

Charles Trodick Jr. - In situ and meteoric 10BE concentrations of fluvial sediment collected from the Potomac River Basin


Joseph Graly - Interpretation Of Meteoric 10Be In Marginal Ice-Bound Sediment Of The Greenland Ice Sheet, West Greenland

Janelle McAtamney - Structural evolution and basin analysis of the Magallanes Basin, Southern Patagonia, Chile


Will Hackett - Modeling of the hydrologic impacts of highway construction and climate change in Vermont.

Lydia Smith - Organic phosphorus cycling, mobility, and bioavailability for cyanobacteria in sediments of Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain.


Paul Betka - Evolution and tectonic significance of ductile deformation in the middle and lower crust during contraction and extension in Cordilleran-style orogens

Jane Duxbury - The determination of millenial scale erosion rates using cosmogenic analysis of 10Be in the Shenandoah National Park

Matt Jungers -  Using 10-Be to determine sediment production and transport rates on steep hillslopes in varied tectonic and climatic settings

Julie Rumrill -  Using GPS to assess the spatial and temporal variation of seasonal velocity changes on the Greenland ice sheet, near Swiss Camp Greenland


Corey Coutu - Using the fossil record as a vehicle for teaching evolution: A web based teaching module.

Amanda Getsinger - Coupling physical and chemical studies to assess TTG petrogenesis.

Harry Oduro - The formation, oxidation, and characterization of FeS(aq) molecular clusters - decoupling iron sulfide mineral surface dissolution and oxidation reactions

Colleen Sullivan - Cosmogenic 10Be erosion history of the Blue Ridge Escarpment - A long-lived feature of the southern Appalachians


Heather Burgess - Trophic status of Lake Champlain over 400 years of changing land use: a paleolimnological study

Bethany Zinni - Effects of Ski-area Development on Hydrology and Water Quality at Mt. Mansfield

Phoebe Judge - Strain localization in the upper crust and stress field evolution adjacent to the Alpine fault in northern Fiordland, New Zealand

Daniel King - Shear zone processes in the mid to lower crust and the structural evolution of central Fiordland, New Zealand.

Gregory Lorenson -Application of in situ Au-amalgam microelectrodes in Yellowstone National Park to guide microbial sampling.


Joanna Reuter - Erosion Rates and Patterns Inferred From Cosmogenic 10Be In The Susquehanna River Basin


Eric Reuter (Butler) - Masters of Arts in Teaching - Geoscience education and interpretation based on human interactions with the natural landscape

Rena Ford - Partial Melting under Reducing Conditions: Clues to Primitive Achondrite Formation

Stephen B. Marcotte - Early Cretaceous Orogenesis in Fiordland,New Zealand and Three-Dimensional Visualization of the Earth's Surface.

Robert Price - Testing the Partial Melting of a Basaltic Underplate: Origin of Cretaceous Granitoids in Fiordland, New Zealand

Lucas Reusser - Late Pleistocene Bedrock Channel Incision Along The U.S. Atlantic Passive Margin Measured with 10-Be: Holtwood Gorge, Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania


Andrea Lord - Evolution Rates of Post Glacial Lake Ecosystems in Northern New England: A Geochemical Study Using Lake Sediments 

Adam Parris - Holocene Paleohydrology in the Northeastern United States: A High Resolution Record of Storms and Floods

Corey W. Simonson - Structural and Kinematic Evolution of the Middle Crust During Late Cretaceous Extension in Western New Zealand.


Antignano, Angelo - Experimental Constraints on Granitoid Compositions in Convergent Regimes: A Geochemical Study

Claypool, Alexander - Kinematic Evolution and Exhumation of Early Cretaceous Lower Crustal Granulites During Changes in Plate Boundary Conditions, Fiordland, New Zealand.


Galster, Joshua - Quantifying the Response of Lake Ecosystems to Holocene Deglaciation through the Use of Stable Isotopes

Howse, Rachael - Evidence of Anthropogenic Disturbance and Trophic Change in Recent Lake Sediments: Vermont, USA

Jennings, Karen - Using Alluvial Fan Deposits to Determine the Timing of Ancient Storms in Vermont

Lamon, Thomas C. - Tectonic Wedging in the Northern Vermont Appalachians: An Emplacement Model for the Albitic Core Rocks of the Green Mountain Anticlinorium

Noren, Anders - A 13,000-year Regional Record of Holocene Storms in the Northeastern United States


Hengstenberg, Carey - The Geochemistry and the Emplacement History of the Averill Pluton, Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

Holyoke III, Caleb - An Experimental Study of Melt Migration Mechanisms in Two Common Crustal Rock Types

Mallard, Laura - Stratigraphic, Structural, and Fault History Analyses of the Richmond 7.5’ Quadrangle, Northcentral Vermont


Brown, Adam - Phosphorus storage and transport in stream sediments from two reaches of the LaPlatte River over an annual cycle

Brown, Sarah (Lewis) - Geomorphic, Sedimentologic, and Climatic implications of inorganic horizons in Ritterbush Pond, Vermont

Gran, Sara - Cosmogenic Isotopes & Paleoseismology in Israel

Nichols, Kyle - Cosmogenic Isotopes and Sediment Transport in the Mojave Desert


Frederick, Jeffery - A Structural and Kinematic Analysis of the Carrizo Mountain Group of the Northern Carrizo Mountains, Van Horn Texas

Whalen, Timothy - Post-glacial fluvial terrace remnants as recorders of environmental and base level changes and of glacio-isostatic rebound in the Winooski drainage basin, Vermont


Abbott, Michael - Isotopic characterization of groundwater recharge and flow in an upland bedrock aquifer, Vermont

Astley, Beth N. - Holocene lake-level change in Lake Champlain

Church, Amy - Fan deposits in northwestern Vermont: Depositional activity and aggradation rates over the last 9,500 years

Marsella, Kim - Timing and the Extent of Glaciation in the Pangnirtung Fjord Region, Baffin Island: Determined by using in-situ produced cosmogenic 10^Be and 26^Al

Richardson, Alexis - Lithology, Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Standing Pond Volcanics in Northeastern Vermont

Schoonmaker, Adam - Stratigraphy and Structure of the Enosburg Falls Area: Implications for extending geotectonic structures of Quebec into Vermont


Cherichetti, Lars - Internal stratigraphy of the Pinnacle Formation in Northern Vermont as a means for determining Iapean rift environment

Goldberg, Jonathan - The Middle Cambrian, Lower Monkton Quartzite, provenance and depositional history

Li, Lin - Quaternary Environmental Changes inferred from Pollen Analyses in Ponds, Green Mountains, Vermont


Clapp, Erik - The Storage and Transport of Phosphorus and Fecal Coliform Bacteria in the Channel Sediments of Englesby Brook

Larsen, Patrick - In-situ production rates of 10Be and 26Al from the terminal moraine of the Laurentide ice sheet, north-central New Jersey

Schuck, Russell - An Historical Record of Arsenic Contamination in the Sediments of Arrowhead Mountain Lake, Milton, Vermont


Malinowski, Kent - Application of Rift Models as Applied to the Cambrian-Proterozoic Z Rift-Drift Stratigraphy of the Quebec Reentrant

Martin, Delbert - Geology of the Mississquoi Group and the Acadian Orogeny in central Vermont

Schlegel, Mary Ann - A paleoenvironmental study of the southern Champlain Sea


Armstrong, T.R. - Tectonic Evolution of the Taconian Hinterland, Granville Hancock area, central Vermont

Bechtel, Stephen C. - Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Cement Diagenesis of the Black River Group in the Champlain Basin, Vermont

Delclos III, Lawrence - Lithologic, Petrologic and Chemical characteristics as Discriminators in the Correlation of Oligocene Tuffs in the East and West Tintic Mtns., North-central Utah

Hildreth, Stephen C., Jr. - Fluid inclusion and sulfur isotope studies of sulfide-bearing fissure veins, East Tintic Mts., Utah

Rose, Hugh - Stratigraphy, characterization of metavolcanic rocks, and structural evolution, in a cross section through the taconide zone, internal domain, eastern townships, southern Quebec: regional implications

Thibodeau, Peter - The evolution and distribution of natural gas in Lake Champlain sediments


Gurney, Steven - Trace metals in Fluvial Sediment Affected by the Hartford, Vermont, Landfill

Howe, Jeffrey - Fluid inclusion characteristics of associated quartz and fluorite veins in a climax-type porphyry molybdenum system, Mt. Emmons, Gunnison County, Colorado


Balogh, Adam - Lead-Zinc Sulfides in the Dunham Dolomite, Northwestern Vermont: Implications for Models of Mississippi Valley-type Deposits

Falta, C.K. - Tectonic geology of the Rochester-Hancock area, Rochester Quadrangle, central Vermont

Hawley-Hadley, Ann - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Rugg Brook Formation of northwestern Vermont

Kimball, Christine - Tectonic geology of the Rochester-Hancock area, Rochester Quadrangle, central Vermont

Zuegg, Paolo - Near surface trace metal diagenesis in Sediments from Shelburne Bay and Cumberland Bay, Lake Champlain


Colpron, Maurice - Rift and collision tectonics of the eastern townships Humber Zone, Brome Lake area, Quebec

Hyde, Karen - Internal cycling of phosphorus in Malletts Bay, Lake Champlain

Macbeth, Alexander - Geology of the southwestern East Tintic Mountains, central Utah

Warren, Marian - Rift History and Subsequent Collisional Behavior of the North American Iapetus Margin, Lincoln Massif, central Vermont: An Open and Shut Case


Carr, Michael - Secular variation in the geomagnetic field recorded in lake sediments, Lake Champlain, New York and Vermont

Cua, Athene - Geology and Geochemistry of Metabasaltic Rocks from the Roxbury Area, Central Vermont

Gutscher, Marc-Andre - Paleomagnetism of Oligocene volcanics in the East Tintic Mts, Utah

Kraus, Jerome F. - Geology of the Northfield Mtns., central Vermont

Mock, Timothy - Stratigraphic, Structural and Metamorphic evolution of the Richford-Cambridge Syncline, northern Vermont

Prewitt, Jeffrey M. - Bedrock geology of the Warren-Granville Gulf area, central Vermont

Walsh, Gregory - Tectonic geology of the Fayston-Waitsfield area, central Vermont


Haydock, Samuel - Bedrock Geology of the Mt. Ellen-Waitsfield area


Dowling, William - Depositional Environment of the Lower Oak Hill Group, Southern Quebec: Implications for the Late Precambrian Breakup of N. America in the Quebec Reentrant

Whittemore, Arthur - Commingling of Magmas in the Belknap Mtns. Complex, central New Hampshire


Butler, Robert - Sedimentology of the Danby Formation,Vermont

Dello Russo, Vincent - Geology of the Eastern part of the Lincoln Massif, central Vermont

Lapp, Eric - Detailed Bedrock Geology of the Mt. Grant-South Lincoln Area, central Vermont

MacLean, David A. - Depositional Environments and Stratigraphic Relationships of the Glens Falls Limestone, Champlain Valley, Vermont and New York

O’Loughlin, Sharon - Bedrock Geology of the Mount Abraham-Lincoln Gap Area, central Vermont

Parker, Ron - Lithofacies, Paleoenvironments and Tectonic History of the Deschambault Limestone, Southeastern Quebec


Fowler, Bruce A. - Flux Characteristics of Phosphorus Rich Sediments from St. Albans Bay, Lake Champlain

Johnson, Gregory D. - The Effects of Stevens Brook Wetland on Nutrient Loading to St. Albans Bay

Leonard, Katherine E. - Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt Deformation Chronology, Ordovician Limestone and Shale, Northwestern Vermont

Pyke, Annie - The geology of the Hampshire Hills, northeastern New Hampshire and Western Maine

Strehle, Barbara - Deformation mechanisms and structural evolution of fault zone fabrics in northern Vermont: A comparative study


Rathburn, Tony - A paleoecological study of late-Pleistocene ostracodes from the southern Champlain Sea

Teetsel, Mike - Sedimentology of the Taconic Foreland Basin Shales in north-western Vermont

Ackerly, Spafford - Phosphorus Relations in St.Albans Bay


Brother, Michael R. - Surficial Geology and Late Pleistocene Glacial History of the Elizabethtown, New York Region


DiPietro, Joseph - Contact Relations in the Late Precambrian Pinnacle and Underhill Formations, Starksboro, Vermont

Jamallo, Joseph M. - Delineation of Bedrock Fracture Trace Zones by Remote Sensing and Magnetics and their Hydrogeologic Implications

Martin, Linda - Tectonic Stratigraphy: The Nature of the Bonsecours-Sweetsburg Contact North of Lac Trousers near Eastman, Quebec

Myrow, Paul M. - A Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Cheshire Formation, west central Vermont


Bataller, Sue - Felsic Igneous Rocks of the Serpentinite Belt of Southern Quebec

Gregory, Guy - Depositional environments, Lower Cambrian Dunham Dolomite,north-western Vermont

Ladue, Winslow - The glacial history and environmental geology of Jericho, Vermont

Pingree, Rodney I. - Paleoenvironment of the Hungerford slate and Gorge Formation in northwestern Vermont

Roy, Dana - The structure and stratigraphy of the ultramafic belt, Troy, Vermont, and its significance in northern New England

Smith, Gerard J. - Bedrock Geology Within the Baie Verte-Brompton Zone, Eastman Quebec

Tauvers, Peter - Basement-Cover Relationships in the Lincoln Area, Vermont


Butts, Charles - Relationships among selected hydrologic and geochemical parameters of the Browns River in northwestern Vermont

Hoar, Robert - The bedrock geology of the Coventry area, Vermont

Winner, Phil - Petrology of Chagnon Mountain, Quebec, with implications to selected ultramafic, Gabbroic, and Volcanic Rocks Near North Troy, Vermont


Beblowski, Peter L. - The deglaciation of the Belvidere-Eden area of north central Vermont

Gale, Majorie Hollis - Geology of the Belvidere Mt Complex, Eden and Lowell, Vermont

Gale, Peter - Geology of the Newport Center area northern Vermont

Haworth, Leah Ann - Recent sediment dating and sedimentation rates in Malletts Bay, Vermont

LeClair, Lisa D. - Seismic reflection investigation of bedrock faults in central Lake Champlain


Carter, Craig - Interpretation of the Hinesburg thrust, north of the Lamoille River, northwestern Vermont

Heindel, Craig - Glacial geology, hydrogeology, and road salt effects on groundwater in the Williston area, Vermont

Schwarm, Thomas - Analysis of till fabric in north-western Vermont

Steffe, David D. - The chemistry of calcic and subcalcic amphiboles from selected igneous and metamorphic environments

Stoner, D.W. - The Hydraulic Properties of the Cabot Soil


Becker, L.R. - A survey of a sandy beach and bay, Appletree Bay, Lake Champlain, Vermont

McIntosh, Mary - Impervious Surfaces and Their Effects on Runoff


Acomb, T.J. - Watershed analysis: The Mendon Brook Basin, Mendon, Vermont

Aubrey, W.M., III - The structure and stratigraphy of the northern ridges of Camels Hump Mtn., Camels Hump Quadrangle, north-central Vermont

Badger, R.L. - Stratigraphy and origin of the Umbrella Hill Conglomerate

Bottner, Roger - Wallrock alteration associated with the Mesozoic Pyrrhotite Mineralization at Cuttingsville, Vermont

Detenbeck, J.C. - Stress and strain analysis of dolomite and quartz lamellae, Colchester Pond west central Vermont

Knapp, D.A. - Structure and stratigraphy of the Lower Paleozoic section along the east limb of the Berkshire Massif, southwestern Massachusetts

Slavin, E.J. - Process and mechanism of stream bank failures along Brown’s River, Vermont

Turner, P.J. - Seismic reflection survey in Lake Champlain


Eiben, D.B. - Stratigraphy and structure of the Stimson Mountain area, Camels Hump Quadrangle, north central Vermont

Pieratti, D.D. - The origin and tectonic significance of the Tibbet Hill metavolcanics, northwestern Vermont

Corneille, Edwin S. - Bostonite and Lamprophyre Dikes from the Champlain Valley, Vermont


Gillespie, R.P. - Structure and stratigraphy along the Hinesburg thrust, Hinesburg, Vermont

Kolar, Brian W. - Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Selected Metabasites in West-Central Vermont

Marcotte, Ronald A. - A Paleostress Analysis of a Major Fold in the Southern Part of the Hinesburg Synclinorium

McHone, James G. - Petrochemistry and Genesis of Champlain Valley Dike Rocks

Noyes, Jeffrey - An Evaluation of Hydraulic Conductivity Tests and Data

Setright, Lynn M. - Trace Element Distributions in Cumberland Bay Sediments

Thompson, Peter J. - Stratigraphy and Structure of Shattuck Ridge, Bakersfield and Waterville, Vermont

Thompson, Roger - Landfill Influenced Degradation of Stream Water


Dean, Steven, L. - Water Resources Investigation for Madaket Natucket Island, Massachusetts

Moore, John S. - The Origin and Geolimnology of Joes Pond, Vermont


April, Richard H. - Trace Element Distributions in the Sediments of Lake Champlain

Malter, John A. - Potential Problems of Oil Pollution on Lake Champlain

Mullen, John C. - Environmental Geology of Milton, Westford, and Underhill, Vermont


Caldwell, Katherine G. - Petrographic and Chemical Analysis of Rocks from the Newton Area, Connecticut

Chase, Jack S. - Operation Up-Sails: Sub-Bottom Profiling in Lake Champlain

Sherman, John W. - Post-Pleistocene Diatom Stratigraphy in Cores from Lake Champlain, Vermont


Arndt, Richard E. - Mineralogy and Petrology of a Diabase Dyke and Adjacent Sokoman Iron Formation, Howells River Area, Labrador

Closs, Lloyd G. - Geology of the Waite Lake Mines Property, Duprat Township, Quebec

Stone, Byron D. - Deglaciation Events in Part of the Manchester South 7.5’ Quadrangle, South-central New Hampshire

Thompson, Woodrow B. - The Drainage and Glacial History of the Still River Valley, Southwestern Connecticut

Waite, Burt A. - Environmental Geology of the Huntington Valley, Vermont


Dinger, James S. - Stratigraphic, Structural, and Petrofabric Investigations of Lake Ice, Lake Champlain, Vermont

Fillon, Richard H. - Sedimentation and Recent Geologic History of the Missisquoi Delta

Johnson, Philip H. - The Surficial Geology and Pleistocene History of the Milton Quadrangle, Vermont

Sarkisian, Arthur C. - A Petrofabric Analysis of the Monkton Quartzite in West-Central Vermont

Thresher, John E., Jr. - Bedrock Geology in the Richmond Area, Vermont

Townsend, Peter H. - A Study of Heavy Mineral Dispersal from the Ausable and Lamoille Rivers (Lake Champlain)


Englund, Evan J. - Experimental Studies of the Origin and Thermal Metamorphism of Chondrules in Chondritic Meteorites

Johnson, David G. - Ferromanganese Concretions in Lake Champlain

Kasvinsky, J. Robert - Evaluation of Erosion Control Measures on the Lower Winooski River, Vermont


Blakeman, William B. - A Study of the Mineralogic and Magnetic Characteristics of Metamorphosed Iron Formation from the Julian Deposit, Wabush Lake Area, Labrador

Clement, Richard F., Jr. - A Study of the Sediment Size Distribution of Mallets Bay

Jenks, Maurice L. III - Bedrock Geology and Garnet Analysis of the Northwestern Portion of the Woronoco Quadrangle, Massachusetts

Kodl, Edward J. - Surficial Geology of the Amsterdam Region Lower Mohawk Valley, New York

Millett, John A. - The Clay Mineralogy of the Bottom Sediments of Champlain Basin from Thompson’s Point Vermont to the Ausable River, New York


Clement, Richard F. - A Study of the Sediment Size Distribution of Malletts Bay


Dimon, James R. - Petrography of the Laccolith at Barber Hill, Vermont


Cline, Lawrence B. - The Origin of Talc at Johnson, Vermont, and the Geology of its Occurrence

Ogden, Duncan G. - Geology and Origin of the Kaolin at East Monkton, Vermont