Geologists out in the field

What's It All About?

If you have ever questioned why landscapes differ, why earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, why the mountains and oceans exist, or why the dinosaurs became extinct, then you have already been introduced to geology. The study of geology is an expression of our curiosity of the world around us. The process of finding the answers to these questions is complex and fascinating; it is what geology is all about! Find out if geology is for you.

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  • Geology: not just for rockhounds!

    You can't just sit in a classroom and learn geology. You will get outside: on mountains, glaciers, lakes, and in the oceans, to do your work. Being out-of-doors with your landscape teaches you how to observe and describe what you see by:

    • collecting data.
    • learning how to interpret and visually present data.
    • communicating your conclusions to those around you.
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10 Reasons to Major in Geology at UVM

10. You + outdoor adventure = an awesome major.
9. Small classes with acclaimed instructors.
8. Get to know your friend: Earth.
7. Get to know how Earth works.
6. Geology rocks.Rocks rule.
5. Go Green: It's a UVM color for a reason.
4. Hands-on science in Vermont.
3. Geologists are cool.
2. Geology majors are cool.
1. UVM Geology majors get jobs.

What's your reason? Change your major to Geology!