Adjunct Senior Lecturer

I've been a member of the UVM faculty since 1993, teaching a variety of courses spanning both surface processes and hard rock fields. I currently teach Environmental Geology, Glacial Geology, and a graduate class, Vermont Field Geology. I also teach Introductory Geology and, every few years, the Department's Regional Geology summer field class where I lead field trips to Colorado.


Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Wright, S.F, 2019, Surficial geology and groundwater hydrology of the Richmond quadrangle, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2019-1, scale 1:24,000, Report plus 5 plates. Report, Surficial Map, Overburden Thickness, Potentiometric Surface, Recharge Potential, Hydrologic Units. GIS Data.
  • Wright, S.F., 2019, Glacial Geology of the Miller Brook Valley, Stowe, VT: A Head to Toe Traverse; in Koteas, C., ed., New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference Guidebook, Vol. 111, p. 109–130.
  • Corbett, L.B., Bierman, P.R., Wright, S.F., Shakun, J. D., Davis, P.T., Goehring, B.M., Halsted, C.T., Koester, A.J., Caffee, M.W., and Zimmerman, S.R., 2019, Analysis of multiple cosmogenic nuclides constrains Laurentide Ice Sheet history and process on Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak; Quaternary Science Reviews 205: 234–246.
  • Wright, S.F., 2019, Lateral recessional moraines in the Green Mountains of northern Vermont;Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 51, No. 1 doi: 10.1130/abs/2019NE-328640
  • Wright, S.F., 2018, Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of the Bolton Mountain Quadrangle, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2018-4, scale 1:24,000, Report and 5 plates. Report, Plate 1- Surficial Map, Plate 2- Data Points, Plate 3 - Overburden, Plate 4 - Recharge potential, Plate 5- Flow lines, Also see Chittenden County water resources map (VG2010). GIS Data.
  • Wright, S.F., and Dowey, C. W., 2018, Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of the Jeffersonville Quadrangle, Vermont: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2018-5, scale 1:24,000, 4 plates. Plate 1 - Surficial Geologic Map, Plate 2 - Surficial Geologic Cross-Sections, Plate 3 - Isopach Map, Plate 4 - Generalized Groundwater Flow, Report (VG01-2). This supersedes the maps of VG01-2. GIS Data.
  • Wright, S.F., 2018, The evolution of glacial lakes in the Winooski River Valley, Vermont; Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 50, No. 2, doi: 10.1130/abs/2018NE-311156
  • Wright, S.F., 2017, Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of the Town of Weathersfield, Vermont [Report, Plate 1 - Surficial Map, Plate 2, Plate 3, Plate 4, Plate 5]: Vermont Geological Survey Open File Report VG2017-5, scale 1:24,000. GIS data
  • Wright, S.F., 2017, Ice streaming in the southern Champlain and northern Hudson River valleys, Vermont and New York; Geol. Soc. America Abstracts with Programs: Vol. 49, DOI 10.1130/abs/2017AM-307991
  • Wright, S.F., 2015, Late Wisconsin ice sheet flow across northern and central Vermont, USA; Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol 129: 216–228.
  • Wright, S.F., 2015, Extent of the Middlesex Readvance in the Winooski River basin, Northern Vermont: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 47, No. 3, p. 83.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

I'm particularly interested in the hydrology of glaciers and the resulting erosional and depositional processes occurring in both bedrock and surficial materials at the base of glaciers. I also enjoy deciphering glaciotectonic structures in materials overridden by the last ice sheet.


  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 1988
  • M.S. in Geology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1985
  • B.S. in Geology, Pennsylvania State University, State College, 1978


  • (802) 656-4479
Office Location:

Delehanty Hall, Room 208