What is the difference between LASP and the Honors College?

LASP is only open to students in the College of Arts & Sciences; the Honors College has students from all seven UVM schools and colleges.

LASP is a one year commitment; Honors College is a four year program resulting in an Honors College degree upon completion. LASP serves as a springboard to more high level academic opportunities as a sophomore, junior and senior, including the possibilities of getting involved in research, writing an honors thesis through an academic department or joining the Honors College through Sophomore Admission.

LASP students live together and taking courses together in each of their first two semesters at UVM, usually 2 courses in fall and 2 courses in spring. Honors College students have the chance to live in the Honors residence hall, and will take a small seminar each semester, but likely not with those sharing their immediate space.

What if I am interested in LASP but am accepted to the Honors College?

Students invited to the Honors College may apply to a LASP program, but if admitted, must choose between LASP and the Honors College.

Is sophomore admission guaranteed to the Honors College if I am in LASP?

Sophomore admission to the Honors College is assured for LASP students provided they apply by the deadline, meet all LASP requirements, have no offenses against UVM’s code of academic integrity and meet the gpa requirement. The gpa requirement for students in LASP during the academic year 2022-23 is 3.7 at the conclusion of their first two semesters at UVM. If LASP students do not complete all LASP requirements and/or have a gpa of 3.4-3.69, they can apply and be considered but admission is not assured. (Note: For LASP students 2021-22, the gpa requirement is 3.6.)

Do I have to major in a particular field to get into one of the LASP programs?

Only Life Science LASP is limited to particular majors. Arts, Earth & Environment, Humanities, Social Sciences and World Languages are open to all incoming first year CAS students. Given the interdisciplinary nature of LASP, each program is made up of students from a wide range of majors and often many undeclared students.

The College of Arts & Sciences majors eligible for Life Science LASP are: biology, biological science, neuroscience, plant biology and zoology. 

Do I have to take all the courses within a given program?

Yes. Students are expected to take all the courses for their program each semester, ensuring that everyone in the program shares a common academic experience.

Will my LASP classes count toward my degree?

Yes. LASP classes satisfy numerous distribution requirements, may count toward a major or minor and count towards the credits needed to graduate.

Can I take other required courses or electives during my first year?

Yes. Each semester you will take two courses in the program, leaving room for additional classes and opportunities to explore new interests.

Is LASP a Learning Community?

Yes. LASP is a Learning Community that is open only to College of Arts & Sciences first-year students who apply and are admitted. Some of the benefits of this Learning Community are: small classes and shared living with peers in the program, as well as close proximity to all resources of campus--the library, classrooms, the gym and many dining options.

Where would I be living?

LASP students are housed on Athletic Campus, which is centrally located to classes, food options and the gym.

How many students are in LASP?

LASP is made up of the six themed programs and has room for 130 first year students, less than 10% of the incoming first years in the College of Arts & Sciences.

What are my chances of getting into the LASP program I want?

LASP programs are selective and admission is competitive. We want students who are capable and excited to undertake a rigorous and challenging academic experience, and open to the residential aspect of our community. In reviewing applications, we look at a holistic picture that includes your LASP application as well as background available to us from UVM Admissions about your high school performance. We also look for evidence of your excitement and passion for learning about the issues involved in the LASP to which you are applying, and evidence that you are interested in a full-year commitment to that program.

Do I have to wait to apply to LASP until I commit to attending UVM?

No. The application process is open to students who have been admitted to UVM (both students who have and have not made their final college enrollment decision.)

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Application decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in February. You can expect to hear back about three weeks after submitting your application.