The guide below will walk you step-by-step through your journey toward a successful and fulfilling internship. It works best when you take a few minutes to read some information and complete some small actions. Remember, this was created to help you!

You can find this information in the 'student' tab in MyUVM.

Looks like you are not a CAS student! Please reach out to your program's internship contact to find out more about internships...

Handshake is UVM's job and internship search site that will help you start your internship search.Let's get you logged in:

  • Go to:
  • Click "UVM NetID Login" and follow the steps to set up your profile. If you need help with Handshake or want to speak with someone about how to utilize it most effectively, please email the Career Center.
  • UVM partners with several programs that offer internships for CAS students. Check out the opportunities below. If you are not interested, move on to the next question.

  • Semester-long internship programs (Live and intern in Boston, D.C., or New York City while earning UVM credits)
  • Summer Internships (Paid internships for CAS students)
  • Communities of Practice (On-campus, cohort-style internships under professionals in your field! No previous experience necessary -- these programs are meant to help you take your first steps into internships and are fully supported by faculty and staff.)
  • There are other places besides Handshake where you could look for internship opportunities....

    Interest Groups are a place to find your people, explore your passions, and craft your career. They are all about building a network of peers, faculty, employers, alums, and staff who care about the same things that you do. Organized by the UVM Career Center, you can sign up for these groups in UVM Connect. Click here to learn how.

    When you sign up for a group, you will receive updates and opportunities pertaining to that group. You are welcome to sign up for as many as you would like! The groups are:

    1. Arts, Media & Communication -- ideal for students interested in film, journalism, museum studies, photography, graphic design, entertainment, theater, communications, and the visual arts.
    2. Business & Entrepreneurship -- ideal for students interested in business, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, hospitality, real estate, and marketing.
    3. Education, Policy & Social Impact -- ideal for students interested in teaching, government, social work, non-profit management, law, community development, and community organizing.
    4. Food, Environment & Sustainability -- ideal for students interested in agriculture, ecology, recreation, transportation, forestry, veterinary sciences, environmental engineering, nutrition, and environmental policy.
    5. Health Professions -- ideal for students interested in public health, medicine, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacology, health research, biotechnology, and health policy.
    6. Science, Technology, Engineering & Math -- ideal for students interested in engineering, computer science, data science, laboratory sciences, natural science, and data analysis.
    7. Exploring -- ideal for those who are curious to learn about a range of potential career opportunities.

    General Internship Search Help

    Time to take a look!

    Click here to view our Internship Search Guide.

    Feel free to use the list of previous internship sites as inspiration, or contact the sites directly. If you reach out via email, try to hit the following points in your message:

    1. I am very interested in getting involved with _______ and believe my skillset to be a good fit with your internship at ____________.
    2. Connect something at the site to your particular interest.
    3. "I am working with the College of Arts & Sciences Internship Program at UVM and will be receiving academic credit for this experience."
    4. Is there someone there who I could speak with about potential opportunities at ______________?
    5. Make sure to attach your resume and any example work you wish to show them!

    Have you found an internship opportunity? Are you in the application process?

    If you need help with your resume or cover letter, make an appointment at the Career Center for assistance.

    Reach out to if you have any questions about internship credit!

    The simplest way to get internship credit is to register for AS-190. The Instructor (Richard Watts) can also assist you with your internship search process. This is elective credit that will count toward the 120 credits you need to graduate:

    • CAS 2991 A - Credit for a current semester internship
    • CAS 2991 B - Credit for a previous semester internship (including summer)
    • Learn more about both options...

    Find out if your major offers credit for internships:

    Contact your advisor to find out how your major handles internship credit. Some require sophomore or junior standing, some require an application form, some require you to find an instructor to 'sponsor' your experience. If you need help, or don't know who to ask, contact your department's main office or the CAS Dean's Office.

    How can I afford to do an unpaid internship this summer?

    Many students are juggling course work, rent, bills and part-time jobs… so how can they afford to do a summer unpaid internship? There are scholarships available to CAS students that can help relieve the burden of unpaid work experience.

    Are you still trying to figure out what type of internship or career is right for you?

    • Check out our Exploration Resources to start thinking about what type of job or experience is right for you
    • Think about an activity that you lost track of time doing. What type of job might involve that type of work?
    • Take a look at the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to see what people with your major have done after graduation. Scroll to the right to select your major.
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    To learn more about the CAS 2991 internship courses, please reach out to Andy Elrick, instructor of our CAS 2991 internship courses and UVM Media Advisor.

    For all general internship questions please make an appointment with Kelly Smith or email the CAS Internships Team.

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