English Department faculty and staff looking at camera for group photo

Sarah Alexander, dark hair and eyes, looking into camera Associate Professor

Sarah Alexander

Area of Expertise: Victorian literature and culture, the novel, Victorian poetry, 19th-century science, Dickens, victorian london, 19th-century political economy



Eve Alexandra, speaking into a microphone, hair up in a bun Senior Lecturer

Eve Alexandra

Area of Expertise: Creative writing, poetry, American literature



Andrew Barnaby looking into camera Professor

Andrew Barnaby

Area of Expertise: English renaissance literature and cultural history; European epic tradition, the Bible, the history of science, and literary theory


Philip Baruth, grey hair wearing glasses, looking off camera Professor

Philip Baruth

Area of Expertise: restoration and 18th-century drama, autobiography



Emily Bernard, short black hair wearing glasses, looking off cameraJulian Lindsay Green and Gold Professor

Emily Bernard

Area of Expertise: African-American and 20th-Century American literature, critical theory, race and ethnicity in literature, Women's studies


Jean Bessette, looking into camera, blond hair up in a bun Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Teaching Assistants

Jean Bessette

Area of Expertise: Rhetorical theory; composition pedagogy; Feminist rhetorics, historiographies, and pedagogies; Queer theory and studies; digital rhetorics; archival theory



Sheila Boland Chira, looking into camera, image in sepia tone Senior Lecturer and Director of the Writing Center

Sheila Boland Chira

Area of Expertise: American literary history, race and ethnicity in literature, American autobiography, composition


Greg Bottoms, with beard and glasses looking off camera, image is black and white Professor

Greg Bottoms

Area of Expertise: Creative writing: memoir, personal essay, documentary narrative/literary journalism, travel writing/writing place, personal art and cultural criticism, and short fiction



Isaac Cates standing in front of a tree, wearing glasses, smiling at camera Lecturer

Isaac Cates

Areas of Expertise: Modern and contemporary poetry, nature poetry and nature writing, the interaction between science and poetry, and time in poetry; Modernism and the difficulty of the Modernist avant-garde; the graphic novel, comics as a literary medium, and autobiographical comics; poetic form, formal constraints, and oulipo / oubapo.


Stephen Cramer wearing baseball cap, looking down into camera Senior Lecturer

Stephen Cramer

Area of Expertise: 20th-Century and contemporary poetry, creative writing



Sue Dinitz wearing glasses, smiling into cameraSenior Lecturer, Emeritus

Susan Dinitz

Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and composition and writing center


Deb Elliz, next to film equipment, wearing glasses, smiling into cameraProfessor and Director of the Film and Television Program

Deborah Ellis

Areas of Expertise: Film & video production, documentary film history and production, film festivals



Liz Fenton in front of Mt Rushmore, wearing glasses, smiling at cameraProfessor

Elizabeth Fenton

Areas of Expertise: Early American literature



Dan Fogel smiling at the camera Professor 

Daniel Fogel

Areas of Expertise: 19th and 20th-Century American, English, and Irish literature; creative writing (poetry)


John Gennari looking into the camera Professor and Chair of the Department

John Gennari

Areas of Expertise: U.S. ethnic studies, jazz studies, food studies, popular culture, cultural criticism



LeeLee Goodson standing facing camera wearing sunglasses, with three dogs Senior Lecturer, Emeritus

Hesterly Goodson

Areas of Expertise: Romanticism, American literature, comparative literature, Women's studies, composition


Jenny Grosvenor smiling at camera Senior Lecturer

Jenny Grosvenor

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, composition & rhetoric, journalism



Huck Gutman sitting at table looking into camera, wearing glassesProfessor, Emeritus

Huck Gutman

Areas of Expertise: 20th-Century American, 19th-Century U.S. poetry, modern poetry


Susanmarie Harrington wearing glasses, smiling into camera Professor

Susanmarie Harrington

Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and composition, literacy



David Huddle looking down at notes, speaking at podium, wearing glassesProfessor, Emeritus

David Huddle

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing


Jinny Huh looking into camera, shoulder length dark hair Associate Professor and Director of the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program

Jinny Huh

Areas of Expertise: Asian American literature & culture, African American literature & culture comparative race studies, detective fiction, 20th-Century American literature, cultural studies



Maira Hummel smiling up at cameraAssociate Professor

Maria Hummel

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing


Didi Jackson smiling at camera, image in black and white Lecturer

Didi Jackson

Areas of Expertise: Poetry, creative writing, visual arts



Major Jackson smiling at camera, wearing glasses Richard A. Dennis Professor of English, University Distinguished Professor

Major Jackson

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, poetics, contemporary pop culture


David Jenemann looking off camera, salt and pepper cropped hair, blue button down, holing a baseball in his right hand and wearing a baseball glove on his left hand, a pile of more baseball gloves to his left. Professor and Dean of the Honors College

David Jenemann

Areas of Expertise: Film and television, critical theory, modernism, 20th-century literature



stand-in image, no photo of Brian Kent availableSenior Lecturer, Emeritus

Brian Kent

Areas of Expertise: American literature, composition


Mary Lou Kete, wearing large earings, hair up, smiling off cameraProfessor

Mary Lou Kete

Areas of Expertise: 19th-Century American literature, African-American literature, critical theory, Women's Studies



Eric Lindstrom sitting in his office surrounded by books and plants, wearing glasses Associate Professor

Eric Lindstrom

Areas of Expertise: British romanticism, romantic to modern poetry, literature and philosophy, critical theory


Annika Ljung-Baruth, speaking at a podium, wearing glasses, shoulder length blonde hairSenior Lecturer

Annika Ljung-Baruth

Areas of Expertise: Women in literature, modern literature and philosophy, Women’s and Gender Studies



Loka Losambe looking into camera, cropped hairFrederick M. and Fannie C.P. Corse Professor

Lokangaka Losambe

Areas of Expertise: African-Anglophone literature, Pan-African literature, Black Atlantic literature, post-colonialism


Daniel Lusk, speaking into a microphone, wearing glasses, grey hair and beardEmeritus Lecturer

Daniel Lusk

Areas of Expertise: Poetry, creative writing, Vermont literature: poets



Tony Magistrale looking into camera, wearing dark coat, grey hairProfessor

Anthony Magistrale

Areas of Expertise: Poe, Gothicism, writing across the curriculum, horror film


Todd McGowan, wearing baseball cap and sunglasses, smiling at cameraProfessor

Todd McGowan

Areas of Expertise: Hegel, psychoanalysis, and existentialism, and the intersection of these lines of thought with the cinema.



Libby Miles, smiling at camera, wearing glasses, shoulder length grey hairAssociate Professor

Libby Miles

Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and composition, writing program administration, inter-disciplinary writing, problem-based learning, writing assessment


Hilary Neroni, smiling at camera, image is black and white Professor

Hilary Neroni

Areas of Expertise: Film and media theory, representations of gender and race, violence in film and on television, Women directors, documentary film/video, Feminist theory, psychoanalytic cultural theory and marxism.



Sarah Nilsen, smiling at camera, shoulder length dark hair, standing in front of a castle Associate Professor

Sarah Nilsen

Areas of Expertise: Walt Disney, the popular culture of the cold war, and cultural diplomacy


Deb Noel, jaw length grey hair with pencil behind her right ear, smiling into cameraSenior Lecturer

Deborah Noel

Areas of Expertise: American Literature, race and ethnicity in U.S. literature and culture, Women in literature



Holly Painter, short dark hair, smiling at cameraLecturer and Faculty Associate to the Arts and Creativity Learning Community

Holly Painter

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, English and philosophy


Angela Patten reading from a book into a microphone, wearing glasses, grey hair past her shouldersSenior Lecturer

Angela Patten

Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, expository writing




Valerie Rohy

Areas of Expertise: 19th- and 20th-century American literature, LGBT literature, critical theory, feminist theory, queer theory, psychoanalytic theory, and narrative.


Lisa Schnell wearing graduation regalia and glasses, speaking at a podium Associate Professor

Lisa Schnell

Areas of Expertise: Renaissance, Shakespeare, 17th-century British, Bible as literature, critical theory, Women's studies



Helen Scott working on her computer in her office, wearing glasses, short park hairProfessor and Director of The Buckham Overseas Study Program and Director of the Graduate Program 

Helen Scott

Areas of Expertise: Post Colonialism, Caribbean anglophone, 20th-century British literature, Marxist theory


Thomas Simone looking at the camera, greying beard, wearing glasses Professor, Emeritus

Tom Simone

Areas of Expertise: Dante and translation and commentary of Dante's divine comedy, James Joyce and Modernism and neuroesthetics, Shakespeare, Shakespeare and film, modern drama, along with literature of the Western tradition as part of the integrated humanities program



Jennifer Sisk smiling at camera, wearing glasses, long red hair Associate Professor 

Jennifer Sisk

Areas of Expertise: Medieval literature and culture, religion and literature, and history of Christianity


stand-in image, no photo of Sarah Turner available Senior Lecturer

Sarah E. Turner

Areas of Expertise: Race and ethnicity in contemporary American literature, colorblind racism and post-racial ideology, popular culture, 20th/21st century black women writers, modernism, composition



Chris Vaccaro speaking at a podium, dark beard, wearing glasses Senior Lecturer

Chris Vaccaro

Areas of Expertise: Beowulf, medieval literature, Tolkien studies, sex and gender identity studies


Nancy Welch, smiling at camera, image is black and white Professor

Nancy Welch

Areas of Expertise: Composition and rhetoric including rhetoric of social movements, U.S. working-class rhetorical history, and women and rhetoric; fiction and nonfiction writing; and literacy studies



Jamie Williamson wearing a dark beanie and glasses, grey beard and hair, smiling at camera Senior Lecturer

James Williamson

Areas of Expertise: Science fiction and fantasy, Arthurian tales, American Indian literature, composition


Sean Witters smiling at camera, dark hair and beard Senior Lecturer

Sean Witters

Areas of Expertise: Modernism, postmodernism, American  literature, critical theory, film & television studies, critical race and ethnic studies, dystopian fiction, addiction studies.



Hyon Joo Yoo smiling at camera, wearing glasses, dark hair pulled back Associate Professor

Hyon Joo Yoo

Areas of Expertise: East Asian cinema, Postcolonial studies, gender studies, psychoanalysis, Marxism, globalization and media.


This directory lists all faculty in the English Department, including those in the Film and Television Program.

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