Looking to submit an abstract for your project? Email all proposals to English@uvm.edu using the guides below.

Quick Guide for Abstracts: Papers in Literary and Cultural Studies

In a ~250 word paragraph, describe the following elements of your paper:


Area of Research »What author/ text/ topic are you writing about?

Methods » What analytical tools and critical/ theoretical approaches are you using?

Field » Who else is included in the scholarly conversation you want to engage in?

Thesis » Have a point and articulate it clearly!

Impact » Explain why your paper will make an exciting and important contribution! — Starting with why it’s exciting and important to you!


Quick guide for Proposals for Creative Projects

In a ~250 word paragraph, describe the following elements of your creative writing project:


Genre »poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid, playwriting, screenplay

Structure and number of pages in the overall project

Structure and number of pages in the selection you plan to present in ten minutes!

Themes » i.e. What subjects and ideas you are writing about?

Formal Elements » i.e. Are you working with a specific poetic or narrative form? Do you have any author models? What can you tell us about the way you write?

Quick Guide for Proposals for Film/Television/Media Projects

In a ~50-75 word summary, describe the following elements of your project:


Genre and anticipated length e.g. narrative, documentary, experimental, animation, or?

Logline  » One sentence summary: synopsis and “hook”

Short 50-75 word summary » Help us to “see” the film.

Desired audience or impact statement (Short! Basically, who is your film directed toward - not everyone, please! and/or what is the intended impact?)

URL Link to video or sample, if available

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For other questions, please email Prof. Eric Lindstrom at eric.lindstrom@uvm.edu