English Courses by Concentration for Spring 2020 (New Major)

We are offering a restructured Major in English beginning in fall 2016. Relevant courses taken before that time can count toward the major. Students first enrolling at UVM in fall 2016 must use the new requirements for the major. Students who enrolled before fall 2016 may choose whether to complete the old or new English major requirements, which include one of four concentrations: British and Anglophone Literary Traditions, American Literary Traditions, and Cultural Studies (at the 100-200 level), and Writing (intro-through-200 level).


ENGS 133  Chaucer
ENGS 136  Shakespeare Our Contemporary
ENGS 179  D2: African Drama
ENGS 282 The Literary Cannibal
ENGS 282  Feminist Reading: Read Feminism


ENGS 167  Woolf, Faulkner, Morrison
ENGS 168  Postmodern Am. Lit & Culture
ENGS 282 The Literary Cannibal

Cultural Studies

ENGS 177  D1:Jazz & Cultural Imagination
ENGS 222  Seminar in Literature to 1800
ENGS 282  Food & American Culture


ENGS 105  Exploring Writing Centers 
ENGS 114  Writing Place 
ENGS 114  Writing Magical Realism 
ENGS 117  Advanced Creative Nonfiction
ENGS 119  Advanced Writing: Poetry