English Courses by Category for Spring 2020 (Old Major)

English majors following the old major requirements are required to take at least one course at or above the 100 level from each of the below categories as part of the completion of their major requirements. Category A includes the study of the English Language, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, critical theory, and cultural studies. Category B includes study in ancient, medieval, 16th or 17th-century literary traditions. Category C includes study in 18th or 19th-century literary traditions. Category D includes study in 20th or 21st-century literary traditions.

Category A Category B Category C Category D

ENGS 105

Exploring Writing Centers

ENGS 133


ENGS 282

The Literary Cannibal

ENGS 167

Woolf, Faulkner, Morrison

ENGS 114

Writing Place

ENGS 138

Shakespeare Our Contemporary


ENGS 168

Postmodern Am. Lit & Culture

ENGS 114

Writing Magical Realism

ENGS 222

A History of the Book

ENGS 177

D1:Jazz & Cultural Imagination

ENGS 117

Advanced Greative Nonfiction


ENGS 179

D2: African Drama

ENGS 119

Advanced Writing: Poetry


ENGS 282

Food & American Culture

ENGS 282

The Literary Cannibal


ENGS 282

Feminist Reading: Read Feminism

(cross-lists with GSWS 200)