Computing Services provides dedicated Information Technology support services to the faculty and staff of the College.

Our Staff

Andrew Hendrickson, CAS IT Administrator

Beth Wilkins, CAS Online Content Coordinator

Justin Howard, CAS IT Assistant

Andy Green, CAS IT Assistant

Enter a Help Request

  1. Start up any web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  2. Enter the following URL in the available location field in the browser:
  3. Enter your UVM netID in the field marked "UserID".
  4. Your UVM net id is the same as your email account. Note that this is NOT your email address, there isn't any "@" sign, nor should there be any server or domain names (i.e. no or Nor is the UVM netID your first name.last name email address. If you are unsure of what your UVM netID is, look yourself up in UVM's online directory. Your UVM netID is at the bottom of your directory entry, under "UVM Network ID:".
  5. After you've successfully logged in, you will see a new request form. Fill out the form as best you can, Title and Description are required.
  6. Click Go to submit the request.

    Someone from our office will be back in touch with you by the next business day, usually sooner.

If you are unable to start up a web browser or are having difficulty with your network connection, you can of course contact us via the usual analog means:
Telephone: 802-656-7971

HOWEVER, please use one contact method and one only, opening multiple threads with us does not resolve your problem any more quickly and in fact makes it more difficult for us to help you.

Remote Support

We have recently begun offering remote support for on campus clients via SimpleHelp. This service is offered only during normal business hours by appointment.

  • To be used when instructed by CAS support staff.
  • Is available by prior arrangement during normal UVM business hours.
  • Is purely voluntary on your part and does not compromise your computer security or remain in place after the session is over.

Note that you may need to allow User Access Control, install a Java runtime, and/or permit Java Applets to run in order to connect to Simplehelp.

Computer Replacement Program

What Is It?

The CAS Computer Replacement Program (formerly known as the IT Annual Purchase) is the method by which the College maintains its investment in computing equipment using central College funds. The intent of the program is to replace aging or obsolete computers (which is the item most needed by the majority of faculty and staff).

Please note that this is not an entitlement program. Funding for computer replacement is limited and there are no guarantees that every eligible computer will be replaced within a given year. We stretch the funding as far as we can over the maximum number of people we can.

How do I make a request?

You will receive an email from CAS Computing Services telling you that you are eligible for replacement. All you need to do is follow the directions in the email.

When do I get my new computer?

Requests are taken during October and November and are then compiled and the results are communicated before or after Winter Break.

Deliveries occur January through March depending on volume.

What's the catch?

  • Not everyone is eligible: the Purchase is open only to tenure track faculty, senior lecturers and base budget staff. We are unable to fund new computers for lecturers, students, GTFs, grant funded or temporary employees under this program. However, we are willing and able to provide repurposed (i.e. used) computers for most lecturers and other part time teaching faculty.
  • Not every eligible employee gets a replacement computer: funding is tight and we routinely are unable to fund all eligible requests, so please don't bank on getting a new machine. And, make sure that your chair understands your situation so that he or she can advocate on your behalf. If you are having issues with your current computer, bring them to our attention now rather than waiting for the results of this program.

Teaching Labs

Current Listing of CAS Computer Labs

Including replacement year (all labs are replaced during the early summer of the year listed).

PLEASE NOTE: scheduling of these teaching spaces is at the discretion of their hosting department, or the CAS Dean's Office.

Department Building
# of Seats
Due for Replacement
Art Williams
Biology Marsh Life Science
Windows 10
Economics/Sociology/Others Lafayette
Windows VDI
Film and Television Studies Cohen Hall
Geography Lafayette
Windows 10
Geology Delehanty
Historic Preservation Wheeler
Music Southwick
Psychology Dewey Hall
Windows VDI


Get help:

We prefer that you enter an online request for help

If you cannot open a web browser, you're welcome to e-mail us at