Mentored internships for all majors!

In CAS's Communities of Practice program, interns work in teams to build their skills while completing work in a professional setting for external organizations. Some will work 1:1 with an organization, while others will focus on a particular project or group of projects for community partners. 

To join, just enroll like any other course! See below for current program offerings. 

(Please note that the Legislative Intern Program requires an application.)

Program details:

After enrolling in one of the COP courses you will be matched with an organization in need of student help. The faculty mentors who lead each COP are either currently working or retired from the field in which they specialize. Their professional experience helps make this internship program more valuable to you as an emerging professional.

The Communities of Practice program is ideal for students who are taking a first step into work-based learning, or who want to work with multiple community partners and professionals. These courses are open to students of all majors at UVM. Sophomore year standing required except in rare cases.

Arts & the Creative Economy (NEW!)

Join fellow students in discovering the ins and outs of the "creative economy." Vermont's creative sector comprises of organizations, inviduals, and businesses who root their work and products in the artistic or creative realm.

Enroll in CAS 2920 E

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Legislative Internship Program

campus - Old Mill at night

By becoming a part of the Legislature, you will engage with not only legislators but also professionals uniquely involved with real-world issues you may care about. All students will develop professional skills while working in a fast-paced environment.

Application for Winter/Spring 2024 now open!

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Sustainable Transportation

Students will be assigned to sustainable transportation projects that match their interests and academic goals, with a final project that involves publishing a story (or multiple stories) about actual sustainable transportation issues a Vermont community is facing.

Enroll in CAS 2920 A

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Grassroots Governing

Investigate the most urgent questions facing Vermont’s towns and villages today. From police budgets and changing demographics to gender bias and Town Meeting Day, we are exploring the challenges and successes of the most direct and participatory democracy in the nation to understand what’s working and what’s not. 

Enroll in CAS 2920 B

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Nonprofits & Social Change

Vermont has approximately 6,276 nonprofit organizations. How will you get involved? The Nonprofits & Social Change internship program allows students to intern directly with organizations that are working to positively impact Vermont's communities. 

Enroll in CAS 2920 C

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Environmental Stewardship

The Environmental Stewardship Internship Program brings together UVM students with conservation professionals from around Vermont to further the stewardship and promotion of Vermont’s natural resources into the future.

Enroll in CAS 2920 D

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706 students have participated in Communities of Practice to date!